The last post..

Ghostwritermummy bit the bullet and went all posh with a new blog and everything! So this is the last post on this site. I’d love it if you would follow me over to the new one (especially if you subscribe over here. All you need to do is point your eyes towards the top right hand corner of the new pad to do it again).

It has been a long weekend but I *think* I finally have the new place looking nice and neat for visitors. There will, of course, be some tweaking going on but for now, I’m done.

For those who want to book mark me for later *ahem*, here is my brand spanking new address:

So, I guess it’s over and out for now. Just having a last look around before I close the doors. See you over there!

*edited: today’s post on the new blog is important. Please take a moment to read and show your support against the government’s ridiculous proposals. Thank you.


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