Articles and Writing

I have written some articles for Little P Baby Store to submit from their website. All articles from this site can be found here. These are the articles that I have submitted:
Does Your Baby Cry Too Much?
Can You Benefit From Baby Groups?
Hungry For A Challenge
Sleep- Are You Getting Enough?
Clearing the Air on Attachment Parenting
Sling it Baby!

I have written an article for Mumable:
My Daughter Thinks She’s Fat

Article for Real Parenting:
How to Cope After a Traumatic Birth
When The Birth Plan Goes out of the Window- Asissted Birth
Assisted birth part two- medical intervention
Living with Reflux
Home birth- one mum’s fight
How The 5 S’s can help crying in a newborn baby

Establishing a bedtime routine

How do you manage when the second child arrives?

Time to Ditch the Dummy?
Cranial Osteopathy- Does it work?
Article for In The Powder Room
Secret Mummydom Confession
There Was Another One

Stop the Clock!
Article for Parentdish
Finding Support After a Traumatic Birth

Article on Baby BornFree blog:
Bonding With my Baby

Guest post:
Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Ghostwritermummy and Bump

Baby Born Free Blog:

Once more unto the Breach

Choosing maternity Care

I’m having a baby, baby

Post on Netmums Parent Bloggers Network:

Blogging is my Therapy

For Elite Magazine:

Are your kids ready for the new baby?

Outdoor Play! (page 19)

On Baby Huddle:

Life after birth trauma

The calm after the storm

On iVillage Uk:

Why the new NICE guidelines are important to me

The breastfeeding backlash: is breast still best?

10 reasons to use cloth nappies

For Practical Parenting and Pregnancy magazine:

Why I agree with the new  NICE guidelines

For The Birthing Site:

The rise of the tiger dads

Maternity care patient’s rights- UK

Maternity care patient rights- Antenatal care UK

Maternity care patients rights- Guidance for professionals UK

Maternity care patients rights- While in labour UK



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