Ghostwritermummy and Bump

I have been lucky enough to be able to write about my third pregnancy over at iVillage, the online  magazine that is dedicated towards connecting like-minded women all over the country. I am so excited to be able to share all of my ups and downs with so many fabulous women and I hope that you will join me over there!

Here are the posts so far:

Good things come in Threes

I can’t get no Sleep

Saying goodbye to the Past

The riots are getting Personal

The first Scan

Drinking and Pregnancy

Is that a baby Kicking?

Midwife shortages are still a real Problem

I must be Dreaming

Hurricanes and hormones (part one)

Hurricanes and hormones (part two)


Bump Envy

Room enough for Three?

Spectacles and Sparkles

Where the nearest policeman’s Helmet?

Out of my way, double buggy coming through!

Missing Midwives

I’m Just a Mother

Pre-natal fitness: are you doing it?

Surprise, Baby

Something Strange happened to me…

To Breastfeed, or not to breastfeed?

Midwife Shortages

My post-natal cravings

Last night, when I felt the baby kick

Return of the sickness

High Risk Pregnancy?

The dentist and the pink Toothbrush

We need to stand up for ourselves

The 20 week scan

Where do you air your dirty laundry?


This baby is making me fat

The name game

Baby shower anyone?

When you’re pregnant



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