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Clic Sargent #yummymummy writing prompts week 2!

Last week, lots of bloggers took part in the first set of Yummy Mummy writing prompts and the results were fantastic. So many beautiful posts to read through. Thank you to everyone who took part.

This week, the second set of prompts are up on Nickie’s blog  and I have a feeling they will produce yet more examples of superb writing. Week two is all about what family means to you and the prompts are:

1. a personal post: What kind of family did you grow up in?  Why is family important to you?

2. a yummy post: What happens to a family when a child is diagnosed with cancer?  How do siblings and parents cope? 

3. a creative post: Write about a perfect family moment.

As last week, we are asking as many people as possible to take part and if you could be so kind as to tag one or two people that would be fantastic. So, here are my tags:

The Boy and Me

Polythene Pram


Please spread the word by using the #dosomethingyummy hashtag on Twitter; add a twibbon to your Twitter avatar; join the Facebook page. Also, check out the other head mum’s blogs:

Mirka – @kahanka – All Baby Advice
Claire – @The LazyGirlBlog – Lazy Girl Blog
Nickie- @nickie72 – Typecast


37 weeks: officially full term and panicking…

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and here are the things that are kept me awake last night:


1. The toddler. Top of the list, since I was sleeping fine until he decided to wake up and whine for a couple of hours. He didn’t want to get up, but he didn’t want to sleep either. I even went down to prepare a bottle at 5.30, thinking it was get up time finally and figuring that since he went to bed with no dinner and no bottle, he was probably starving. By the time the bottle was ready, he was asleep. And I was awake!

2. The pram situation. Some of you have very helpfully recommended some fabulous double buggies/ double buggy substitutes over on Twitter this week. I have left this so late. I assumed I would be fine with a buggy board or sling and I might have if a) it didn’t rain a lot where I live (wrong side of the Penines, some would say) b) the toddler wasn’t a feisty little mr. who I just know will jump off and into the path of on-coming traffic and c) I know that I will want to take them both for long pram walks soon. So I need a double buggy. BUT

I don’t want one that has a low seat at the back and it’s occupant has to stare at it’s sibling’s back all day. I also don’t want one that is too wide to get through doorways. I want a tandem one with a view. I want one that will convert to a single buggy once the toddler is a little bit older and more able to understand why he needs to stay on the buggy board. Plus the weather will be nicer then and the sling a better option for the baby. SO

this gives me the option of 2 models: the Baby Jogger City Select double and the icandy Pear. None of which I can get my hands on in less than 2 weeks and for less than it costs to pay my mortgage. In other words, this is keeping me awake!

3. The bed. I decided to co-sleep and I ordered a baby bay co-sleeper cot, delivery of which was promised before the baby’s section date. It is now promised for the day after the section date- cutting it fine, but should be ok if they stick to that date.

4. The decorating. Why do I always decorate numerous rooms right before babies are due to be born? This weekend we shall be stripping (wallpaper) and generally living in chaos. Not good for the nesting instincts and the next item on my list…

5. My back. OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW. It hurts. Yes, I’ve been ‘over-doing’ it perhaps but MAN it hurts. I don’t like just sitting but you know…

6. My baby. Yes, I saved the best for last. I am so excited! In less than 2 week’s time I get to find out if I have a new son or daughter! I get to come home with a new baby to hold and to love. I can’t wait and it’s keeping me awake! But that’s a good reason, isn’t it?

Yummy Mummy Writing prompts week one!

The first set of Yummy Mummy writing prompts are now live on Nickie’s blog I am Typecast! There are three different prompts to get you thinking (and writing) and to help us raise awareness of Clic Sargent’s fantastic Yummy Mummy campaign.

Not sure what the Yummy Mummy campaign is all about? Click here to find out Nickie’s reasons for getting involved. Basically, we are asking as many mums to take part as possible, to raise money over one week for the charity who support families affected by childhood Cancer. Click here to find out what it means to me.


The writing prompts are fantastic. Week one’s prompts are all about what your children mean to you.

There are three to choose from:

1. write a personal post: what having children means to you; how your life has changed; how you have changed; the smal things that make it all so worthwhile

2. write a yummy post: do you have any experiences of childhood Cancer?

3. write a creative post: imagine your child can’t be home with you. You miss them terribly- what do you do? How does it feel?

All you need to do is to choose one of the prompts and write. That’s it. Then come back on Thursday to link up on Nickie’s blog. If you don’t have a blog but you still want to write, get in touch and I will help you ink up. Make sure you add a link to the campaign in your post: http://www.yummymummy.org.uk/

In the meantime, get on Facebook and Twitter and get the word out. Use the hashtag #dosomethingyummy and share your posts as much as you can.

Clic Sargent and the Yummy Mummys

I have been asked to be one of the head mums for the latest Clic Sargent Yummy Mummy campaign and I have to say that it is a complete honour. I know that many of us have been affected by Cancer and some of us have also been witness to childhood Cancer too.

Clic Sargent  is the UK’s leading children’s Cancer charity and works tirelessly to provide support to families at a time when it is needed the most. Please take a look at their website to read more about the fantastic work that they do.

Each day, 10 families will be told that their child has Cancer. I simply cannot imagine the fear and terror that this can bring, but I have witnessed it in others families. As a child myself, I grew up with the knowledge that my cousin was poorly with Leukaemia. I grew up knowing that he would not. He died on his 21st birthday. As an adult, childhood Cancer has also affected me, with a child I know suffering also from Leukaemia. This child is now, thankfully, in recovery and continues to thrive at school and at home. I know that his family and especially his parents relied heavily on charities such as Clic Sargent to provide them with support and guidance through the darkest of days.

Yummy Mummy week is being held between the 10th and the 18th March and mums are being encouraged to do something yummy! 

Yummy Mummy week is your chance to help. By taking part in the  fundraising week, you can make a real difference to the lives of many children and their families. Popular events include hosting coffee mornings, bake sales or even sponsored swims. There is loads of information here to hep you get creative and raise money at the same time.

If hosting a fundraising event is not your thing, or time is an issue (after all, we’re all busy) there is a shop on the campaign’s website where you can purchase small gifts. It’s really easy to get involved.

As part of the team of ‘head mums’ I will be taking part in a writing prompt each week to help raise awareness of the campaign. The writing prompts will be detailed over on Nickie’s blog, I am Typecast. Take a look at her additional tips for how you can get involved this year. In particular, do as Nickie says: Do the social media shout out on your Twitter account using the #dosomethingyummyhashtag or share blog posts about it on Facebook. The more people we can get involved, the better!

What kind of World?

Around 10 or so years ago, my husband and I sat in our first little home (sans kids) and watched live coverage as the war in Iraq began. I remember thinking to myself how scared all of the children living there must have been, after listening to a report in which a journalist told the UK about what happens at nghtfall. The bombs start to drop. Children are woken in their beds and screaming in terror as booms and bangs explode into the sky. For an innocent child, there is no reasonable explanation.

Some years later, we discovered that our daughter hates fireworks. Her terror reminds me of those children and with every banger that explodes bright lights into the sky, her face displays her fear. How lucky we are, we think, that these explosions are just fireworks. How lucky we are that our children are safe in their beds.

But are they still safe? Ok, so I live far away from London now but I didn’t used to. That’s not the point. This is my country, my capital. This is my children I have to think about. What kind of a world did I bring them into? I watched the BBC coverage last night and felt sick to my stomach listening to a man recounting the fact that he was unable to get home to his girlfriend and her young daughter. The young child was begging him to come home and look after them but he couldn’t. I turned on my phone and caught up with people on Twitter who had parents, cousins and partners stuck in various parts of London. I read sick ‘London’s Burning’ jokes on Facebook. This is no joke.

In April we were a proud nation (of sorts) as our future king married his future queen. All eyes were on Great Britain as we updated the history books and got down to a nationwide knees-up. Now, all eyes are on us again but we’re not so ‘Great’ Britain anymore.

Children in war-torn countries have to sleep at night with pillows over their ears so that they don’t hear the sounds of gun fire. Children in war-torn countries are living in fear, poverty and danger. We are not a war-torn country- or are we? Last night, children in London slept with pillows over their ears and fear in their hearts and for what? What kind of protest is this now?




*image source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/

Hanging by a thread

So yesterday I made the big revelation and last night I couldn’t sleep. There was no particular reason, I don’t think. Except that I couldn’t shake the feeling that things are a little vulnerable right now. Its like I’m hanging by a thread, waiting for the wind to blow me down.

I’ve been reminded lately how precarious life can be. How quickly we can have the things we long for snatched away for good. How quickly life’s pleasures can turn sour and all that hope and joy can disappear in a puff of smoke. How easily it can all be hanging by a thread.

These feelings have nothing to do with my previous experiences and I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. The early weeks of pregnancy can be so isolating. In the days when you haven’t told anyone but you feel so ill, so exposed and so bloated. Then all of a sudden, people know your secret and you’re out of the special bubble you had created to keep yourself protected. Is that when you become public property? When people know, it makes it so much easier to feel like things might not actually turn out the way you hoped they would.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who either commented on here, Facebook or Twitter yesterday. Your well wishes mean the world to me and I have taken each message of support with a grateful heart. I know that last night’s insomnia was perhaps a blip in the proceedings, since today I am feeling stronger and more positive again. And it is dawning on me that I am having another baby! ohmygodohmygodohmygod I am having another baby!



ps, please feel free to ignore this post, the ramblngs of a hormonal woman…

So long @SusuRem… hello @Ghostwritermumm!

Well, I did it. I changed my Twitter name to match my blog name, since all but three or four of my followers know me through my blog. The others know me in person so I figured they wouldn’t mind. Also Jen at The Madhouse made me feel really guilty last night for confusing her so I thought it was about time! I am now @Ghostwritermumm!
So, how confused am I right now? I changed my avatar too and now some people are following ghostwritermumm who were already following @SusuRem. Um, I don’t know what that means. Also, I am having to re-follow those I thought I already was and the number of people I follow is going up and up and up… where will it stop?! Do I have two personas now? Am I a little like Clark Kent, popping into a phone booth as SusuRem and emerging as the crime-busting Ghostwritermummy? Well, no. But I like the idea.
So there you have it. Changing your name on twitter confuses simple people (me) but at least my user name matches my blog now. Kind of. Couldn’t fit the ‘y’ on the end. But I’m not changing it again.

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