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My baby is nine weeks old

How time flies and how little you notice its effects. Until someone points them out to you, that is.

The baby was weighed this week during her 8 week check. She is now a whopping 9lb13! She surprises me. She was the smallest of all three at birth and yet she has gained weight quicker than either of them. Going from 5lb13 at 3 days old, to 6lb8 at ten days is no mean feat! To then go from that to 8lb at 1 month…

Actually, when I think about it, I’m not all that surprised, really. The baby is still feeding on average every 2-3 hours during the day and every 2 hours at night. God bless co-sleeping! Luckily, she settles really well after each feed so I can’t really complain.

It’s amazing how quickly other things become apparent after having a baby too. Like, how rubbish is statutory maternity pay? Yes, I am lucky to get anything at all but seriously- we are scraping the barrel here. I took the option of just statutory as the future of my job is uncertain and I didn’t want to be faced with a huge bill if I was unable to return to work. This way, if I do go back I get a lump sum so it’s something at least.

Which leads me on to another wonderful thing. Friends. And hand me down clothes. We have not bought a single thing for the baby since the going home outfits (which still fit by the way!) because people have been so kind. I’ve done my bit too, I’ve donated clothes to other friends who’ve also recently had babies. But the generosity of others has really astounded me lately- and its not just the baby who has been kitted out, either. The big one and the toddler have also received some amazing items too.

So how do you make the pennies stretch whilst on maternity leave? I’d love some ideas please!

Other highlights at this age for the baby include the fact that she is now really looking at faces and smiling voluntarily. I totally forgot how awesome it feels when your baby smiles at you.


Blossom maternity wear: a review

I have been lucky enough to be asked to review some clothing from Blossom, the online mother and baby specialists. I have to admit to having never come across this site before but when I popped over to have a look, I was very impressed. The maternity clothes at Blossom are gorgeous and there are some really lovely classic items to help your wardrobe go that little bit further.

Maternity wear seems to have made great advances since I had the big one and I have to admit to spending a little more this time around. The main advantage of this is that, at 36 weeks, I am not living in jogging bottoms! It does a lot for your self esteem and self confidence to be able to find nice things to wear at this stage of pregnancy. And it also helps if you feel like you don’t in fact look like  a beached whale!

I was sent the gorgeous top to try:

Since it has short sleeves, I’ve been wearing it with a long-sleeved black top underneath, either with jeans or a skirt. It’s really comfortable and the ruched sides means that it accommodates my ever growing bump!

Other items on the site I have my eye on include this fabulous nursing dress  (how gorgeous is that? I’m thinking it can be dressed up or worn with boots for a day-time look) and this fab knitted dress. There are also plenty of things to indulge on for the baby too and I hear the cries from Ghostwriterdaddy’s wallet already. I think I need these ‘I’m unique’ body suits from Levi and I defy anyone not to fall in love with this fantastic sleep suit, based on the equally as fantastic books by Mo Williams. These books were firm favourites of the big one and her daddy for a long time and actually helped her learn to read.

Blossom is a truly lovely site for pregnant women, new mums and those looking to buy gifts. Yes, the products are slightly more pricey than your average high street or other online retailers, but I generally think you get what you pay for. The top I was sent to review is an excellent fit and made from high quality materials. When you’re pregnant, comfort is a must and you need garments which will grow with you. On these points, Blossom certainly did not disappoint.

Bundle-o-Joy: taking the stress out of shopping for maternity clothes!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, almost eight years ago now, there was a serious lack of decent maternity wear out there. I ended up wearing either the most basic of maternity clothes (for basic, read mumsy) or my husband’s favourite t-shirts. The former made me feel boring and older than my relatively young (ish) 26 years and the latter drove my husband mad as everything was returned to him with boob marks, apparently.

The second time around, the high street seemed to have cottoned on to the fact that most pregnant women did not want to compromise with their clothes just because they had a bump. Suddenly, Top Shop, River Island, H&M and New Look were all featuring maternity wear. There was so much to choose from! I actually owned more than one pair of jeans and had a work wardrobe to keep me in at least three of four different outfits a week.

So, um… what happened? In the space of two years, almost every single shop that I relied on during my last pregnancy has gradually dwindled down on their maternity clothing sections. Some shops have stopped stocking maternity wear in-store altogether. Cost cutting? No demand? Who knows. All I know is that these days, shopping for maternity wear is stressful!

This is where Bundle-O-Joy comes in. I love this site. Not only does Elise write a fab blog (well worth checking out, especially if you’re a mum to be) but she has also taken her own maternity wear frustrations and turned them into a super duper business!

Bundle-O-Joy is unique in that it features maternity bundles that are designed specifically for you and most definitely take the stress out of shopping in tired maternity sections in the high street. Instead, Elise scours the best sites, finds the best deals, and puts together bundles that make great presents or personal indulgences. There are mini bundles, essential bundles, sports bundles, themed bundles… You can also buy items separately. The best thing is that every item has been personally selected by a woman who has had children and who knows how important it is to feel like a million dollars whilst at the same time attempting to flatter the watermelon under her shirt.

I ordered a small bundle from Bundle-o-Joy and I am honestly delighted with it. My denim skirt and black top arrived all packaged up in pretty pink paper and everything fits perfectly. This is what I chose:

Bundle-O-Joy is a lovely site and well worth a visit if you’re pregnant and struggling to find something to wear. Oh, and did I mention there are some fab gift ideas too? Ahem *ghostwriterdaddy* cough, cough…

** I received a discount on my order from Bundle-O=Joy. All opinions in this post are my own and genuine. I have not received any payment for writing this review. This review is also published at Maternity Matters.

Could you get involved in a documentary about maternity provision and safe childbirth in Britain?

The Birth Trauma Association has posted the following message on the Facebook group:

A major documentary maker is filming a documentary about maternity provision and safe childbirth in Britain. Part of the programme will include cases of neonatal deaths and stillbirth, maternal deaths and baby brain injury that have occurred since 2007 due to hospital negligence. They would like to hear from families who would be willing to share their experiences of this and who might want to take part.

They appreciate this is an extremely sensitive subject, and all correspondence and initial discussions will be treated confidentially with no obligation to be involved.

If you would like to discuss the programme in greater detail, you can contact them on 0208 008 1022 or via email at joanna.grace@bbc.co.uk

Even though they cannot use the experiences of everyone they speak to in the final film, every family they talk to is a great help towards the research in making a programme that is factually correct and informative.

Do you think you could be a part of this? If you can help in any way, please get in touch.

In the meantime, there is still time to vote for me in the MADs blog awards. This week I have been interviewed by the Bolton News, so Maternity Matters and I are hoping that we will be able to raise awareness of birth trauma even more this week!

** this post has also been published on Maternity Matters

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