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Hunnybums and the fluffy bum adventure

It’s all her fault. That lovely Lucy at Hunnybums. I met her on Baby Huddle where I am part of their Elite Bloggers program. I asked a question and before I knew it she had sent me on a spiralling course towards addiction. I mean, who wouldn’t be taken in by all of this fluffy bum gorgeousness? Maybe I should explain.

I decided whilst pregnant that I wanted to use cloth nappies, but I had no whatsoever where to begin. I knew I wanted to save on the expense and do my bit for the disgusting amount of nappies currently residing in landfill, but… it just seemed so complicated. But then I realised just how passionate and informed those in the know really are. My first port of call was Louise who works with Eve at Babba and Boo. There’s going to be a post dedicated to those guys coming up soon.

Anyway, Louise set the ball in motion and I started to collect samples to try out once the baby arrived. Now, I knew she was going to be small but I never actually realised she would be too small for the nappies! I was really disappointed to have to buy disposables for the baby. And that’s where Lucy at Hunnybums came in.

She recommended Lollipop nappies, which are suitable for smaller newborns and even directed me towards some that were on sale so that I didn’t spend a fortune before I had really got started. I know some mums start with cloth nappies then decide to switch to disposables. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and not actually carry on using them so this made sense.

Lucy also sent me an absolutely beautiful Pop n Gro nappy to review. And yes, I did say beautiful. It really is. And yes, it does inevitably end up covered in poo, but it is still lovely. So this is how we’ve been getting on.

The baby has a big bum. The lollipop nappies we’re using along with the Pop n Gro require a waterproof wrap to make sure everything is kept inside. This means that my 5lb something baby suddenly went from slim to voluptuous. I love it! There’s more padding for when she starts to toddle around- it isn’t a problem. Using them is also no problem at all. Each nappy has an insert and this is placed inside the nappy. Then you put  a paper liner inside and pop the nappy on. I’ve been stuffing the nappies as they come out of the wash so that there’s no faffing at changing time. I was initially suspicious that the thin paper liner would be able to contain the baby’s poo to be honest, but so far so good. You just flush the liner away and job done. As she’s breastfed, the poo is fairly runny so often I need to get a whole new nappy but I can re-use the wrap after a quick wipe. Adjusting the size of the nappies is easy too as there are velcro tabs that can be held together as tightly as you need.

So I’m finding cloth nappies easy to use. So easy, I’ve decided to ditch the disposables for the toddler too. He absolutely loves the giraffe nappy that Babba and Boo sent us, but as I’ve just placed an order with them for more, I thought I would review their nappies separately. You can buy Babba and Boo on Hunnybums too.

The toddler has a different type of poo. Yes, he’s two years old, but due to his lactose intolerance his poo is also always runny. This still hasn’t put me off. Pop n Gro luckily come in two sizes, with the larger size big enough for the toddler so I’m looking to invest in a few for him that the baby can then grow into.

And that’s the beauty of cloth nappies. Yes, they cost more than disposables in the short term but eventually you start to reap what you have sown. You’re reducing the eight million dirty nappies which are thrown away in the UK every day; you are keeping chemicals away from your baby’s skin as they snuggle against soft fabrics instead; you’re saving around £400 a year and you’re turning your baby into the cutest fluffy bum in town!

Lucy very kindly advised me on the accessories I needed to get started and pointed me towards which nappies would be suitable for my needs and why. She also directed me towards the most cost effective way of using cloth nappies and for that I will always be grateful. I’m sure if you want to make the plunge into cloth, she would be more than happy to help! As well as being a nappy advisor and running her own business, Lucy is a qualified nutritional therapist and breastfeeding advisor. Read more here. Thanks Lucy!

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