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Kiddy Guardian Pro 2: a review

This is a long overdue review and I wholeheartedly apologise for my inability to perform the challenge set by the fantastic guys at Kiddy. Being pregnant and recovering from a c-section has taken a long time! I’m hoping the next challenge is one that I can take part in!

The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 arrived with us a while ago but we have only recently started using it. We decided to wait until we got the new car as we wanted to make sure all the seats fit along the back row. Good news- they do!

Ok, so, as always, I have to tell you the plus points to this car seat. Since we got our first Kiddy car seat, Ghostwriterdaddy and I have been seriously impressed with the products in general. For me, ease of fitting and comfort are top priorities, as we tend to make longer journeys to visit my parents quite a lot. Since I also tend to make these journeys without Ghostwriterdaddy sometimes, its so important for me to be able to drive without children complaining of a numb bum! So full marks to the Guardian Pro 2- its comfortable and I can fit it all by myself without swearing!

Of course, safety is of utmost importance and, like the Kiddy Guardian, the Guardian Pro 2 has the unique impact shield and Kiddy shock absorbers, which are essential for protecting children in the event of a collision. The impact shield does take some getting used to as no other seat has this feature and at first the toddler wasn’t keen on having it across his lap. But ultimately, it ensures that the Guardian Pro 2 is one of the safest seats on the market.

I would definitely recommend this seat to other parents. The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 is easy to fit, easy to clean, comfortable and durable. It is recommended for ages around 9 months to 12 years so you may never need to buy another car seat again. Well worth spending a little extra to ensure your child is safe and comfortable every time you make  a car journey!

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Mamas and Papas: I am in love!

Is it possible to be in love with a pram? I only ask because today I have met the gorgeous Mylo and I truly believe that I am in love!

I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited into the Mamas and Papas  headquarters today, to view some exclusive new ranges and to drool over the existing beautiful products which make the brand so fantastic. Can you tell I had a great day?!

Firstly, Lynne and Nicola at Mums Panel deserve a big fat thank you for inviting me and for arranging such a fabulous event. Secondly, my husband deserves a bit of a rest now because I have been bending his ear since he got home- so I thought I would blog about it instead now!

Ok, so the Mylo. Wow. Look.

The lime Jelly is my favourite colour but it is also available in Plum Pudding, Dove Grey and Black Jack. The carry cot is amazingly soft and luxurious and the selling point for me is the fact that it fits neatly onto a stand for those times when baby falls asleep on a walk and there is no way EVER that you will wake them… Also, good for refluxy babies: the mattress can be set to an incline! Hooray! Additionally, the carry cot can be adapted whilst on the floor and used to rock the baby to sleep. The pushchair variation for this model is also gorgeous. Look!

AND another selling point for me is that the Cybex Aton car seat fits onto the Mylo, which is the car seat we already have for the baby. So, what’s stopping me? Um, the price. This is Mamas and Papas top of the range model and the entire set costs £695. But it is SO funky and SO pretty (I hope Ghostwriterdaddy is reading this…)



Next on my wish list is the Urbo. Gorgeous, lightweight buggy/ pram:

As with all the pushchair ranges, the colours are divine and the one we looked at was a gorgeous, vibrant blue. This model is really compact and perfect for smaller car boots. I want one. I told you I was in love, didn’t I?


Finally, we looked at the Sola, a model I already have (in the grass colour) and one which is the reason why I initially jumped at the chance to attend the event today.

The Sola is such a fantastic, durable pushchair and when we bought it I promised my husband that I would never ever need another pram again, ever. And you know what? I don’t. We’ve had the Sola for almost two years now and there is practically no wear and tear to speak of at all. The fact that the buggy has lasted so well, particularly given the fact that the toddler and I enjoy daily power walks, is a massive indication as to the quality of the Mamas and Papas products.

Luka in his Sola!

So I don’t really need another buggy for the new baby. I’ve ordered a buggy board to fit on my Sola and I intend to wear my baby in a sling for a while too (We were lucky enough to view the new range of slings and carriers too, which I will post about this week.). BUT I came away today with the feeling that any amount is worth paying for the Mylo. Really. Truly. It’s fantastic. Did I mention that?!

In conclusion, the fabulous Mamas and Papas put on a fantastic show for us today and I am well and truly sold on practically everything. More than this though, we learnt today just how wonderfully family orientated the entire company is. I’ll blog more about this later. For now, I am off to dream… of lime jelly wonderfulness…

No, I won’t be driving a people carrier, thank you

So we’re expecting a third child and we know already that three car seats do not fit in th back of our Honda Civic. We love this car (especially the customised additions to the side where I drove into our front wall three times… oops!) and we bought it just before the toddler was born so there are some special memories linked to those seats which are now covered in crumbs and comics. This car took me to the hospital and brought my son home. This car is special. All cars are special. But not people carriers.

We need a bigger car.

Before I begin, I want to say that I have nothing against people carriers, or the people carrier drivers. I’m not particularly knowlegable about cars but I’m guessing that they are pretty spacious and very handy for when you have kids. It’s just that people carriers aren’t me. I’m not necessarily a flashy person but I do object to feeling and looking like I’m driving a mini bus, just because I have more than one offspring.  Plus, I’m a self confessed rubbish parker and I’m willing to bet that my poor garden wall would need to be ‘extended’ even further if we brought home one of those vehicles. So we’re going car shopping. And I don’t know where to begin.

We decided we would need a 7 seater, to give us plenty of room for luggage when we go down to my mums and elsewhere, and to give room for bringing the Big One’s friends home from school now and then. A quick google search provided great results. For people carrier people. Turns out, its not as easy as you would think to find a car that fits three car seats in the back and still looks nice too.

I like the Quashqai +2 but apparently there are engine issues. A family member ended up getting rid quickly because it was always in the garage. I haven’t heard of any other problems with these cars though, and they look really nice… I suppose it is about looks in this case. Oh my goodness, I’m a shallow car buyer.

Other cars that made the shortlist include the Ford C-Max Grand, which has sliding doors and seats which move to make an aisle down the middle; the Volkswagon Touran, which is very van-like and not acceptable at all and the Toyota Verso. That’s it. Three cars. A girl needs more choice than that.

So, car experts- what do you think? Can you save me from people carrier hell?! You know I’m only kidding, right? But seriously, I don’t want a people carrier. And I don’t want to sell one of my kids. What do I do?



*This post has also appeared on www.motors.co.uk

Kiddy Car Seats- a very thorough review!

Our Kiddy Car Seats arrived last week, just in time for the mamoth journey down south to my parent’s house. The ultimate test, you might say. The baby hates to be in the car for too long, especially in the heat and so the three hours it takes to get there is often broken up somewhat for stretching of the legs and so on. Let’s just say that by the time we get there, we’re all desperate to get out of the car.

Anyway, this time around, the baby had his new car seat to recline in- and let me tell you, this baby reclines! We have the Kiddy Guardian Pro in Capt’n Sharky for the baby and it’s  a lovely design. Unlike the last seat, it fits really easily and straps the child in with very little fuss. There was no swearing and/ or kicking of car tyres from the husband. Also, the baby got a complimentary bandana which is a massive plus.

Kiddy Guardian pro in Capt'n Sharky

So the baby slept for most of the journey and for the rest he looked very cute and grown up. On the way home, he slept again but this time in the upright position. Both positions were fine for him to sleep in as the head guards supported him perfectly and prevented any of that stiff-neck-from-falling-asleep-nodding thing that he sometimes has going on. The big one also reclined in her seat (because she could), the very nicely designed Kiddy Crusier Pro in the bubble design.

Kiddy Cruiser Pro in Bubble

So the long journey was a success on all counts, even if the baby did wake up before we got home and *forced* us to dance like robots to Daft Punk just for his own amusement. But what about the ultimate test for any car seat? The reason why we spend ages choosing them, fitting them correctly and positioning belts etc. How would my new Kiddy car seats stand up to the unimagineable- a bump?

Today we were sat in traffic when a large van ploughed into the car infront of us, causing that car to plough into us. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened and then, as the baby began to scream and the big one’s faced registered complete and utter shock, I realised. I flew out of the car to tend to them and- thankfully- they were fine. I don’t think the young driver of the van was though- the car he’d hit had a nine-months pregnant passenger too.

I’m pleased to report that everyone was fine and no damage done. And the car seats? They may have prevented whiplash. Both children were securely fastened in and their necks protected by the head guards on the seats. Both children emerged smiling a few minutes later, whilst I stood shaking.

So now you know why this has been titled ‘a very thorough review’. My Kiddy car seats were put to the ultimate of tests and I’m pleased to report that they passed with flying colours! I would certainly recommend these seats- not only are they funky, fun and comfortable, but they conform to every standard going so that you know your kids are safe while you drive.

I don't think the baby was impressed with my robot dance...

*Kiddy sent me these car seats as part of my sponsorship with them for Cybermummy 2011. I did not receive any other payment and I was not asked to write a review. I wanted to share my experience; all views are my very own! I have written this post as part of Love Of Film’s show some respect meme, where I was tagged. This is my thanks to Kiddy for their sponsorship and their car seats.

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