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Baby and all bag- a review

I am extremely lucky to have been sent a really fabulous, innovative and above all handy bag to review. The Baby and All bag is more than just a changing bag. It’s an award winning, newly patented bag that really lends a helping hand!

Regular readers of my blog might know that my son benefited greatly from being carried in slings and carriers from a really young age. It helps his reflux and also helped us to bond after a pretty rocky beginning. Some of you might also know that we are off to Florida this summer and so the Baby and All bag has come at exactly the right time! Let me explain…

The Baby and All bag is a stylish looking changing bag with a baby carrier attached so that when little ones are tired of walking you can simply pop them in and off you go. It’s perfect for popping to the shops (we tried that one) and I’m thinking it will be ideal for Disney World. The toddler is at the stage where he can become tired of siting in the buggy yet his little legs don’t always keep him going for long. Sooner or later Mummy or Daddy are required to give a helping hand and I don’t fancy doing that in the heat on holiday. The great thing about the bag is that you just clip the seat together and pop him in- simple!

There are three different positions you can use but the toddler and I prefer the hands free hip position. This was always his favourite position in the sling as he can talk to me and still see what’s going on around him. That’s going to be essential for spotting Mickey Mouse!

I really can’t recommend this bag enough. Such a clever idea that it’s a wonder it wasn’t invented before! This is one essential travel item we will definitely be taking with us this summer. It will be handy for the busy airport before we even leave the UK and obviously, a girl can never have too many bags…

The Baby and All bag is available at Mothercare, Debra Clare and Amazon and is the winner of the following awards: Tommy’s Innovation for Baby Award, BPA Concept Award, Mother and Baby Magazine bronze award winner for most innovative product, and finalist in Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards. The bag also comes with a changing mat and retails at £45.95.


Verdict: a super stylish changing bag with lots of room for essentials and a fabulous integrated carrier- a fantastic product that ultimately enables busy parents to keep their little ones close without resorting to the buggy. Perfect for enabling toddlers to feel independent and for keeping them safe and secure.

Little Possums and Patapum- a very special review

I’m incredibly lucky. The wonderful people at Little Possums and Patapum sent me a fabulous Patapum baby carrier to review and I have to say that this is one review that has really had me excited. It’s a special review because, to me, baby wearing is so important to my son and I and our relationship- so writing this has been a bit of an emotional episode for me.
I’ve written before about the benefits of baby wearing and for those of you out there who have researched it or already know, the pros far outweigh any potential cons. I don’t believe there are any cons, actually.

image source: http://www.patapum.eu/ Piccies of the baby and I to follow!!

It has been proven that wearing a newborn baby can help with motor skills, bonding, confidence and a whole host of other important development skills. Baby wearing can calm, soothe and even heal- for more, you can read my article, Sling it Baby! which I wrote for Little P Baby Store.

My baby isn’t a newborn anymore. He outgrew our sling at around twelve months. In that twelve months of babywearing, we developed our bond. Originally a practical tool due to his reflux and needing to keep him upright, the sling quickly became an essential time saver on the school run. And then it became an excellent way of moving through crowds without bashing ankles. We hoovered, we gardened, we walked , we paced, we lived. Together. After a traumatic birth and real problems bonding, my son and I used the sling as a tool to just be together. Having him close to me may well have sealed our bond in the end.

With this in mind, you can see why I was upset to find that, at sixteen months, my back was starting to hurt with the sling. But the baby still likes to be carried. Enter the Patapum.

This was recommended to me by several babywearers and I have to say that when it arrived I felt a little daunted by the straps and so on. My sling had been so easy to use (and has now gone to a friend who is expecting, no instructions needed!) so this seemed like a new challenge. After a couple of dummy runs with one of the big one’s teddies, we were ready. Well, I was. The baby, it seems, had different ideas. He likes to run, you see. Particularly when we ask him to come here…

When you start out with a new carrier, it’s important to do so when baby is in a good mood. I know that now. When he wants to crawl around looking for small things to put in his mouth, he is in no mood to try a new carrier. Well, that’s my experience anyway.

So I waited. And when we did get to trial the Patapum, I walked to the mirror to check it was on properly (didn’t think it would be that easy) and the baby was delighted to see himself in his new carrier. We pranced around the house for a bit before deciding to brave the great outdoors. The baby LOVES being outside and tends to get very excited. In the Patapum was no exception. At adult height I guess he could see so much more! Lots of face slapping later (his slapping, not mine) and we returned home to deliver the verdict- no aching back!!

Our next step is to try the piggy back position, which I feel is going to be fab when we go away in August.

To me, the Patapum is an extension of the journey the baby and I have been travelling since his birth. He loves to be close to me, more so than the big one ever did. Perhaps a result of his traumatic birth? For me, definitely. The sling more or less saved our relationship and I have a feeling the Patapum is going to carry on this work. So now you see why this was such a special review for me.

I’d like to express the most heart-felt of thanks to both Little Possums and who donated the Patapum carrier to me. I would also like to request for more babywearing stories, particularly with a link to improving the bond with you and your baby- perhaps after a traumatic birth. Maternity Matters will be running a feature related to this and so your contributions, as always, would be extremely appreciated. You can either leave a comment here or mail me at susanne@maternitymatters.net.

Lastly, please go and visit Little Possums and Patapum. They rock!

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