Graco Symbio b: what I really thought

I’ve had real fun testing the Symbio b and despite some of my friends thinking I am in cahoots with Graco, I want to assure you all that everything I have written has been my very own opinion. I truly believe that it is a great pram. I think I have tested it to its limits and the results are there for you to read for yourselves. And yes, I would definitely recommend this pram to a friend.

So what did I do? Firstly, I wrotethis post, which was based on my initial impressions of the Symbio b following a c-section. I have sold a pram on due to its weight and the fact that I was unable to lift onto kerbs after a c-section, so this test was very important. The Symbio passed with flying colours as it is lightweight and can be steered with one hand easily.

Next, I wrote this post about shopping centres and whether or not the Symbio is up for the challenge. It is. I then moved on to this post, the Toddler’s Review. Converting the pram from newborn to toddler mode was not the easiest of tasks but I did manage it and the result was pleasing. The Symbio works well as a stroller and is comfortable and a good size. There is no need to buy another pram.

By this point in the testing period, I was keen to know what the other Graco testers thought of their Symbio b. I wrote this postwith the intention of finding out what other parents looked for in a new pram, with a view to linking up with the other testers to give their verdict on agreed criteria. The result was the testers’ review link up which enabled readers to read four other opinions on the pram too. As a parent, I felt this was a good way to get a more balanced view and it was really interesting reading the other reviews.

After six weeks of use, I decided to write a report on the wear and tear to the Symbio b, the results of which can be found in this postWe’ve clocked up the miles and it’s fair to say that the Symbio b still looks as good as new.

Other prams have tried to derail the Symbio b

Next I decided to make a few short films to demonstrate the practicalities of owning a Symbio b. These came in the form of challenges, links to which can be found on this post. Another film I made features The Big One demonstrating how easy the Symbio is to set up- so easy a child can do it!

With most of the tests finished, I wanted to write something a little more creative and so I took my inspiration from the news, with this post: graco symbio b: I’m just like Samantha Brick Next I wrote about some fun ways to ‘pimp’ your pram in this post

With light-hearted posts out of the way, I started to think about why it is I love prams so much. Because I do love prams, you know (in case you hadn’t guessed!). This post talks about the reasons why my pram (and now the Symbio b) is so special to me.

The last challenge for the Graco Symbio b had to wait until Easter, when I went home to visit my mum. The Grandparent Challenge.Again, it passed with flying colours.

I’m not going to repeat myself. If you like the sound of one of the posts, have a read and see what happened. I will say this though: I have thoroughly enjoyed testing the Symbio b for Graco and I hope my posts have been of some help to some of you.


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