Turn your bedroom light off!!

Oh my goodness. I’m like a broken record! It’s not funny. I sound like my own parents more and more each day and its scary.

I switched to cloth nappies to save money and the environment. I (try to) wear a jumper when its cold so that I can spare the heating. I run smaller baths. I never leave the TV on standby.

So why, oh why can nobody else remember to turn lights off?! I’ve often complained that the house regularly looks like Blackpool Illuminations and these days the big one is worst offender. Bedroom lights are like a trail lighting up where she has been. I follow behind her snapping them off and complaining. It’s no fun.

As a teacher, we do a topic on energy and the environment, but not until year 4. I think kids could do with learning about it a lot sooner. After all, this is their world we’re trying to protect here. Turning off lights and saving energy is important. But it isn’t just that I’m finding a pain. It’s the fact that energy prices are so high these days.

Uswitch asked me to write a post about their site as they are trying to do exactly the same as I am. They want people- kids- to understand more about energy and ways in which we can save it. And save money. Uswitch compare energy companies and let you know where you can get the best deals on it all. They’re impartial and they can help the average family to save hundreds of pounds each year.

Now, this is all very well but how much money will you actually save when your kids can’t turn lights off? Electricity prices are soaring at the moment and it makes sense to find the cheapest supplier. But how to teach kids the importance of it all?

I used to get fined 20p every time I left my bedroom light on. I can’t do that to my daughter as she doesn’t have any money. You can’t take her tooth fairy loot; that’s just mean. Besides, I don’t want it to be about punishment. I want her to learn why she should turn her bedroom light off.

So this is my mission. I can change suppliers but I need the whole family to be on board with this to make it work. I’ve decided to work on the big one first. We’re off to the library this weekend and we’re going to read up on reasons why we should save energy. We’re also going to start a reward chart for every ‘rogue light’ we turn off. The person who turns off the most by the end of each week gets a small prize. I bet I win…

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One response to “Turn your bedroom light off!!

  • thefletch71

    Hi ghostwritermummy! Maybe it’s different in Canada but the kids seem to learn about the earth/environment/recycling right from kindergarten. Last Saturday was earth hour (I had no idea) but my older girls (aged 7 and 5) remembered and went around the house turning off all the lights at 8 pm. They even bathed by candlelight! Are the Fancy Nancy books big in Britain? There’s a good one called Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day. It’s all about the little things you can do to help the environment (walking instead of driving, turning off lights, saving water when you brush your teeth). My kids loved it!

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