Graco Symbio b: a road well travelled- wear and tear report

The Symbio b and I have clocked up some miles so far. I’ve estimated that we’ve done almost 80 miles since it arrived last month. That’s walking to and from school, strolling around town and my beloved power walks. I love pram walking, almost as much as I love prams themselves. So I thought I would blog about wear and tear when a pram is well-travelled (well-loved).

For me, how a pram copes with daily use is a really important factor when I’m choosing. Did I tell you about the pram I had that kept losing a wheel? Prams need to be able to cope with being used a lot in my opinion- I walk every single day with the Symbio b and I’m not about to change that just so that it can stay in pristine condition. BUT I don’t expect a pram to fall apart or to look shabby after six weeks. So… how does the Symbio look now?


Back wheel

Front wheel

You can tell they’ve been used. They aren’t worn by any respect but they have been used. The silver parts are still clean looking and the tyres themselves are still fully inflated and sturdy. The front wheels are the same- the mud guards are a little dirty but I’ve been wheeling through mud!

Handle bar:

I’ve noticed that when I fold the pram (see this video for a demonstration of how to fold) I sometimes catch the handle on the floor. There are some scuffs as a result, but they are nothing to worry about and I’m not sure they even came out on the photo really well. It certainly doesn’t spoil the look of the pram.


When I collect the big one from school I take her scooter with me. To do this, I position the scooter across the top of the pram close to the handle bar and secure it with a strap. I also hold it so that it doesn’t slip. The other day, I knocked the scooter and it slipped down, leaving a small scratch on the chassis. Again, its not much of a mark and you can only see it if you really look.


There are no marks or stains on the fabrics at all, and the apron has been accidentally dropped a few times. It’s made of really durable fabric and washes easily anyway.

Folding mechanism:

Being at the bottom of the pram, this part is prone to mud splashes. There is also a scratch there, again caused by scraping on the floor during folding.

Shopping basket:

Usually I need to detach and wash the shopping basket on prams regularly but so far I haven’t needed to. Again, its made of durable fabric and any mud splashes have wiped off easily.


You can tell my pram has been down a road well travelled so far. You can tell it has been loved. You can tell it’s part of the family. So what? A pristine pram tells me that it’s owner doesn’t enjoy walks like we do. I take good care of the pram but certain small signs of wear and tear are inevitable. The main thing is that the Symbio b is in as perfect working condition as when we first received it, and that’s after 80 miles worth of use.

For me, a pram is more than just a vehicle to move my child from A to B. Pram walks have saved my sanity; they give me time to unwind, to think, to listen to music, to enjoy being outside, to finally get the baby to sleep. A pram is a cherished possession and I like to see them well-loved.


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