Music Magpie: a review

Now that the baby is here and I am on a reduced wage, Ghostwriterdaddy and I have been thinking about different ways to save money wherever we can. Soon I’ll be on statutory maternity pay only, having taken the option to forgo a proportion of my pay with the future of my job being so uncertain. So you can understand why we’re keen to make changes now.

The first thing I decided to do was to switch to cloth nappies and wipes. I’ve estimated that I can save about £8 a week, which is over £400 a year- a huge saving. I’ve also managed to cut the weekly shopping budget by around £20. It’s not easy but it can be done… just.

Ghostwriterdaddy and I have had a bit of a ‘reintroduction’ to Ebay lately. It’s not good for my blood pressure though, because last night I found myself having palpitations as I was mercilessly outbid again and again. So when Music Magpie asked me if I would like to write a review of their site, I thought why not? I’m always keen to find out new ways to save pennies here and there.

We have a lot of stuff. We have far too many CDs (athough Ghostwriterdaddy would not agree with that; apparently there is no such thing as too many CDs, even if they are by bands like Korn *shudder*) and DVDs and they are quite literally taking up lots of space right now. These things don’t get much from Ebay, which is where Music Magpie comes in. I’d never heard of the site before but it seems you can sell unwanted items without the hassle and stress of auctions.

According to the site, you can “sell computer games for cash with MusicMagpie” plus you can get rid of/ sell unwanted DVDs too- easy, right? Well, you tell me. Have you ever used Music Magpie before? Ghostwriterdaddy is dragging his heels you see (he’s a bit of a hoarder but that’s another post altogether) and he prefers to banish unwanted items to the loft rather than actually part with them. Thing is, one day our ceiling is going to come crashing down with the weight of it all…

I’ve really taken an interest in second hand purchases just lately and I wonder whether sites such as Music Magpie are becoming savvy to this? More and more parents are looking for ways to make the pennies stretch a little further and I don’t see any harm in taking advantage. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all.

So whilst wondering just how much money Music Magpie could make me, something on the site really caught my eye and made me think. The site has a schools scheme where you can

“collect old and unwanted CDs and DVDs. The money that you raise can be spent on everything from new teaching equipment to games or even days out.”

Now I know my cupboard at school is bursting to the brim with ancient CDs and DVDs. I’m also a sucker for raising funds for schools, especially seeing as the one I teach at is in a fairly deprived area. We don’t have a lot of money for stuff in general so the idea of making money out of nothing really apppeals.

All in all, Music Magpie seems like a really good way to generate a little extra cash. If you have the time, which I do, and the inclination, which I do, then I don’t see why not. I’m up for anything if it means I can stay on maternity leave that little bit longer.

*This is a sponsored review post; all views are my own.


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