The Graco Symbio b: what do you look for in a new pram?

I’ve been busy testing the Graco Symbio b pram since the baby arrived and I have to say that I am most impressed. I’ve posted about using it following a c-section, how we got on in a shopping centre, and how the toddler rates the stroller once converted from newborn mode. I’ve also filmed a couple of short videos showing how easy the pram is to push with one hand and how easy it is to change the direction of travel. I’m going to be filming some more later this weekend.

But I’m not the only one who is testing the Symbio b and so I thought it would be a good idea to ask the other testers to give their opinion and rating on the things I find important when looking for a new pram. That way, you get to read more than just my take on things. After all, when you’re deciding on which pram to buy, its a big investment and one which you are going to want to think long and hard about. I’ve been caught out before with prams and have found myself taking selling them on after a short while.

So here is my list of essential check points to consider when choosing a new pram. I would love to hear about the things you find are important too- leave me a comment and I will make sure they are included in the link up post.

  • Price. Having a new baby is an expensive time and the pram is often the most pricey item on your shopping list. I don’t have enough of a budget to spend ridiculous amounts on a pram. I also couldn’t justify spending as much as you would on a car…
  • Ease of use. No point having an all-singing, all-dancing pram if you can’t fold it. Even less so if grandparents can’t fold it either. Think of all the missed baby-sitting opportunities, not to mention school run rage when you can’t get your pram back in the car!
  • Looks. Ok, it may be slightly shallow, but I like a pram to look good. There are so many lovely, stylish prams out there on the market that I feel this point is not too much to ask for, don’t you?
  • Practicality. Bit like the ease of use one, but more about how practical it really is. Is the seat big enough? Is it going to last until your baby no longer needs to be pushed around? Can you fit your shopping in the basket and will it cope on all terrains? Will it fit in the car boot?
  • Customer service. What if something goes wrong? Can you get in touch with the manufacturers easily? Do they have a user- friendly website? Is the instruction manual easy to follow? These are all important points. Again, I hark back to my early parenting days: I had a pram which insisted on losing a wheel each time we went for a walk and getting it repaired/ exchanged was a nightmare. 

So those are my five check points when looking for a pram. If you have any more to add, please let me know! Hopefully I can persuade the other testers to write their own post based on the same check points and link them up here so that you can get a wider picture of the Symbio b.

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