Graco Symbio b: what to expect after a c-section

Some of you may know that I have recently been asked to be one of five lucky Graco Symbio b testers. I actually received the email two hours after my daughter was born!

Less than twelve hours later, I was visited by the hospital’s physiotherapist. Her job was to talk to me about the after effects of my surgery and to advise that I was not to lift anything heavier than my baby for six weeks. As she was about to leave, she pulled back the curtain that had been drawn around my bed and then paused. She turned back, with a small smile, and added:

‘Oh, and no pram pushing please.’

No what? No pram pushing?! Now, its no secret that I love prams, even when I am not pregnant and have no pram-age children to force into them. I covet prams. I wrote this post recently, about pram spotting. I can honestly spot a pram at fifty paces. I just like prams. But more than that, I adore pram walks. When I had my daughter the best piece of advice I was given by a fellow new mum was to make sure I went out for a walk once a day. I took her advice to heart and found that power walking with the pram was one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get back into my jeans and spend quality time with the kids at the same time. Its also a great opportunity for naps- leaving me free to just… think. I always feel better after a pram walk and its one of the things I missed the most towards the end of this current pregnancy. My back was just too sore to endure long walks towards the end and so I was impatient to get back to it with the two little ones.

SO, not pushing a pram was not sitting well with me.

When the Graco Symbio arrived, I fell in love. Its a really nice looking pram. And its lightweight. And it has a unique one hand reversable handle than enables you to change your child’s point of direction with ease. And its front wheels swivel nicely to ensure a smooth ride…

Do you see where I am going here? Ghostwriterdaddy refused at first to let me push. I didn’t push it either. I took too long to recover after the toddler’s section and I didn’t want to make the same mistake again. However…

At two weeks and four days post natal, I now feel ready to push the pram. I know, I know- the physiotherapist said blah blah blah. Honestly, I do take medical advice seriously. But I have also learned to listen to my own body and so I felt able to take the Symbio b for a spin.

What a smooth ride! I was able to get the pram up kerbs with one hand and NO pain at all. I was also able to change the direction of the journey easily (also with one hand) and managed a good forty minute walk easily and comfortably. And the baby? She, um… slept like a baby, actually. I was a little unsure about the carry cot as first as there is no head hugger and she looked a little little but with a couple of blankets she fitted in nicely.

Another great design feature for c-section ladies is the brake. I always found that pressing a pram brake with my foot put strain on my scar. The Symbio b has it’s brake on the side of the pram handle, which is  fantastic. No chance of accidentally kicking it off either, and the big one can’t work it so no risk of her unlocking the brake and running away with the pram! Not that she would, but you know…

All in all, the Symbio b is a very ‘c-section friendly’ pram. I can push it with ease and the baby sleeps through it all. It’s sleek, stylish and lightweight. You can see from the picture how nice it looks.

First test- the most important one- done! The next test for the Symbio b is in Ghostwriterdaddy’s hands. He keeps telling me that it is really easy to fold and to get in and out of the boot- all important factors. He also loves the fact that the wheels sit to the top when its folded so don’t get the boot dirty… Anyway, Ghostwriterdaddy is going to perform the ‘how quickly can I fold, put away and then get the pram out of the car again’ challenge. Keep your eyes peeled…


4 responses to “Graco Symbio b: what to expect after a c-section

  • The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

    I’m a big pram fan too, I was gutted when The Boy outgrew his iCandy Cherry carrycot. The Symbio looks lovely and love the handle and brak features. I expect Mr. GhostWriterMummy to be doing a video review of the process.

  • The Graco Symbio b: what do you look for in a new pram? « ghostwritermummy

    […] b pram since the baby arrived and I have to say that I am most impressed. I’ve posted about using it following a c-section, how we got on in a shopping centre, and how the toddler rates the stroller once converted from […]

  • Joe

    I bought this because my 2 year old wouldn’t stay in her car seat and we figured if she had an extra harness she would be stuck and hopefully safe. Well it worked beautifully, she can’t even get an arm out anymore! If you have a baby that has great finger dexterity or is really interested in undoing things I might pass on this product because it is easy to open ( luckily…

  • Sarah

    I have this in urban. My son is 8 months and I love it. Before this I had a silvercross 3D and it was awful. So bulky and heavy. It’s only forward facing in pram more too which I hated!! The symbio b is amazing, takes hardly any effort to push and I can steer with one hand! I was never able to do that with the silvercross. The raincover is so easy to get on and off. My only complaint is I wish it had a bigger shopping basket ha!

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