Pram Spotting! (with Cosatto, iCandy and Graco)

Ghostwriterdaddy thinks I am obsessed and I think my nearest and dearest would agree. I seem to have a really bad compulsion for pram spotting and it’s getting worse. Last week, we were in town with our gorgeous new bundle and within ten minutes I had spotted seven different types of prams- from a distance. All prams I had had my eye on at some point over the last couple of years. Is it really bad to lust after prams in this way?

At the moment, Ghostwriterdaddy and I are at loggerheads with the prams in our lives. I have more to consider than he does, though. Initially, I need a pram that:

* is easy to move after a c-section- lifting up kerbs, out of car boots and general pushing

* fits in my car boot

* accommodates both the toddler and the newborn on some days

* looks nice- we all want this, whether we admit it or not

* un-folds and folds easily

You might remember this post where I wrote about the pram issue keeping me awake at night. I ended up buying an iCandy Pear, which I love. It is perfect for the school run when the toddler is with us and it looks nice too. The car seat fits on and today I discovered that it is easy to lift up kerbs and out of car boots. Ghostwriterdaddy says it is too fiddy though. There are a lot of bits to it, but I don’t mind…

The day after I got the icandy Pear, the fabulous Emma from Cosatto contacted me to ask me if I would like to review the totally gorgeous You2 twin buggy. I jumped at the chance! I had heard lovely things about the children being able to converse with each other in the side to side buggies and they are scrumptious to look at. I chose the Owl and the Peacock design and that review will be posted up later this week.

It doesn’t end there. On the day my beautiful daughter was born, a good friend texted me to tell me she had seen my name on the list of reviewers for the fantastic Graco Symbio b pram. Well! How pleased was I? Not only do we now have a carry cot for the baby to use on days when the toddler is at nursery, but I get to test out this pram to the max with various self-imposed challenges and so on. This is the ultimate in pram spotting hobbies, it’s going to be so much fun! My first Graco review will also be coming up later this week. This is Ghostwriterdaddy’s favourite so far, to be honest. It is a really smooth ride and perfect for c-section ladies.

Of course, I still have my trusty Mamas and Papas Sola too, although it is taking a bit of a back seat these days. It served us well but we have new needs now.

So what do you think? Am I obsessed? Are you obsessed too? Do you own any of the afore mentioned prams? What features do you like best? What things are important to you when choosing a pram? I’m going to be featuring a few posts about prams so I would love to link back to you with your ideas.


4 responses to “Pram Spotting! (with Cosatto, iCandy and Graco)

  • Midlife Singlemum

    About a month after my daughter was born I realised that I no longer looked at babies in their prams/buggies. I was far more interested in the vehicle itself. Three years later I’m still looking at the prams even though we’re almost done with ours and won’t be replacing it. The buggy/carrycot/infant carseat combo was the only expensive item I bought.

  • Louise Willliams

    I love prams, my other half thinks I’m obsessed lol. I have to walk to most places so ‘all-terrain’ wheels are a must for me. I also have to have prams/pushchairs where my children can face me – I love chatting to them which I can’t do if they’re forward facing. I am going to be absolutely gutted when my little ones don’t need a pram/pushchair anymore xxx

  • babybichon

    Nope, you’re not the only one to obsess about prams.

    I covet the iCandy’s that are displayed in our local Mothercare shop window, the bubblegum colours that stand out I almost salivate as I walk past, but I have to slap myself (hard) to say, nope what you have is fine.

    I still have my Quinny and Maxi Cosi car seat, which are on recent inspection as good as new (they were bought nearly seven years ago now). The carseat clips in easily to the pram, and the pram folds up like a small umbrella with two easy clicks, and that suits me fine, but yes if I could I would have bought three different variations of prams already, so you are not alone!

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