#dosomethingyummy guest post

Earlier today I tagged the gorgeous Kate Takes 5 in the Yummy Mummy writing prompts. Here is her post:

“On 4th June 2004 myself and my husband moved into the first home we owned together – just five days before our first child was born and two weeks before my husband started a new job. That’s right – we fit three of life’s most stressful events into a two week period!

Our daughter was born on 9th June and the labour was long and harrowing. The days following were a fug of confusion, pain and extreme tiredness. In the midst of this my husband had to go for a standard medical test prior to starting in his new company.

However the standard test did not take a standard path. He was referred for immediate consultation to a private clinic where the specialist quickly diagnosed him with testicular cancer. The little bit of reality that I was clinging to fell away and our lives crumbled before us. My husband walked dazed and confused to the car. We drove home in silence and it was only when he lifted our sleeping six day old little girl out of the car that he finally broke down.


The next week was filled with sleepless nights, medical tests, surgery and nausea inducing radiotherapy. My poor husband needed all the support he could get but I had little or nothing left to give – emotionally drained and physically worn out. With his parents and close friends living in another country and a desire to keep the news private he was cast adrift on a sea of despair, fear and loneliness.


But we were among the lucky ones. The surgery was successful and the radiotherapy precautionary. We slowly clawed our way back to normality until the whole experience felt like a distant dream – or rather nightmare. Last year my husband got his final ‘all clear’ and celebrated with a charity run to raise money for cancer research. Thanks to the experience of the doctors involved and the knowledge that now surrounds testicular cancer we all survived the experience.


Hopefully, with your aid, Clic Sargent’s continued fundraising for children with cancer will help others to be able to say ‘I’m a survivor’ too.”


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