Letter of my life

No. I won’t sing it. But I am going to post about it. I’m on the final countdown and it feels kind of strange.

In the last week or so, we have re-decorated, sorted prams, assembled beds and bought going home outfits for the baby. I haven’t yet packed my bag, but I guess there is still time, right? One thing I have been thinking about but haven’t actually done though, is to write a letter that has been on my mind.

The final countdown letter. The one that’s addressed to every single person in my life who means anything to me. The one that betrays some of my darkest feelings at this time right now. The one I can never ever write because the words just won’t appear. They’re inside me but they have to stay there. It’s a letter full of reasons, apologies, thanks and regrets. It’s a letter of my life.

I want to write to those people, who know who they are. I want them to read the letter of my life, should they need to. I won’t be there, in person, but my words will. Those words that can’t be written. I feel 







I feel like I need to explain to someone, everyone. I feel like there has to be something, in-case.


How to write the letter of my life? How to feel like it isn’t even needed? 

Please excuse this very small wobble. It’s been a very long, arduous journey so far and it might just be taking its toll. 


2 responses to “Letter of my life

  • HonestMum

    Good luck with everything sweetie. You will be great and find strength if you need to. Vx

  • Donna@MummyCentral

    Oh sweetie. You do what you need to do. I (kind of) understand. Considering what you’ve been through, it’s natural you’ll be unsettled.
    But let me assure you this isn’t the end of something. This is just the beginning of a fabulous new adventure and a happy time of your life. A time you’ll look back on and treasure.
    And when you look back, you’ll smile at all of those worries and anxieties. Because you’ll know they were unnecessary.
    Looking forward to read about your happy times ahead.
    Sending love and positive thoughts xxx

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