At weekends, my name is Captain Tantrum


Nope, still don’t feel any better.

Thank goodness it is Monday!! Honestly, weekends are an absolute nightmare at the moment. The toddler seems to change overnight on a Friday. He goes to bed as the toddler and wakes up as Captain Tantrum. Nothing we do or say pleases him and he is not a pleasant sight to behold at times. What is this all about?

I know that the weekends are a change for him- both mummy and daddy and big sister are around all day, as opposed to just mummy. But its been like that every weekend since he was born. Why has he chosen now to throw  tantrum after tantrum all weekend?

Last Sunday, we spent an hour listening to his screaming demands for me to STAND UP!!

We’ve taken the stance of ignoring his tantrums, in the hope that they will just go away. I don’t believe in the ‘naughty step’ or putting him in a room on his own. I think that ignoring his challenging behaviour and congratulating him when he is playing nicely works a lot better. And it does work… eventually.

This weekend, he kicked off about various things, so small that I cannot remember now what they were. We got to the point where we felt he must be coming down with something, otherwise why else would he be acting this way?!

This morning, I discovered that distraction still works as I brightly tried to convince him that I could hear a cat saying ‘quack quack’. He solemnly told me that cats say ‘miaow’ and luckily a tantrum was avoided. And guess what? He has been good as gold all day.

It’s a weekend thing. All week, he is his usual cheery self, with the odd little stamp of the feet and raised voice (he isn’t boring, after all) but nothing to really report back on. Today we have taken the big one to school, then to the aquarium, then to soft play with friends. And as I write this, a huge light bulb is hovering over my head…

The kid likes routine. He likes to know where he is and when he is doing it. He likes to see the same people at the same times and he likes to keep busy. There is no time for relaxing at weekends (just as well with a new baby imminent) and, most importantly, he likes to be in charge AT ALL TIMES.

Is this it? Will I eliminate weekend tantrums by imitating a weekday at the weekend? Watch this space…


3 responses to “At weekends, my name is Captain Tantrum

  • almost bedtime

    Good luck with the tantrum thing! It’s so hard not to react! I always try and remind myself that it’s a phase. Maybe the anticipation of the new baby is too much for him to handle as well. It always works out in the end…

  • Donna@MummyCentral

    Yep, I’ve got one of those at home too. And we don’t bother with ‘time out’ or punishments, because he just works himself up into such a state that he almost pukes.
    We give cuddles and coax him out of it, making him laugh, or distracting him. I keep telling myself that it’ll pass.
    I remember his big brother being so aggressive in his tantrums that he’d punch and kick us. Now he’s five and the gentlest, most loving boy you could find.
    Hang on in there. We’ll get through this *crosses fingers*

  • HonestMum

    Urgh feel your pain, our 2 year old is tantrumming like his life depended on it. His life doesn’t but my sanity at the moment does. Think I might do what the woman in the ad does where she tantrums in response to her kid. And breathe….

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