New Room

Shh! As we speak, the toddler is taking a nap in his new room. It’s a big boy room, to go with the big boy haircut he finally received this weekend. Oh and did I mention the big boy pants we bought too? Blimey.

Am I really ready for the toddler to be a big boy? In a month’s time, he has no choice. He’ll be a big something- a big brother. And you know what? He likes being  a big boy. Its just me who wants to keep him little for a while longer. *sniff* We decided that the baby should move into the nursery and the toddler should have the next spare room. Makes sense, right? I just never knew it would be such a wrench.

We moved into this house just over four years ago and since then we’ve been playing musical rooms with a vengeance. First the Big One had the room at the back but around four weeks before the toddler was born, we decided to move her to the room at the front. We painted it pink, at her request, and put up pink venetian blinds. Then around three months ago, we moved her back into the back room and changed the pink room into a play room. Now, with just four or so weeks until the new baby, the toddler is moving into the pink room, which accordingly needs to become a blue room and…aaaggghhhhh!!!

Still with me?

The short story is that we have made the move and the toddler is in a big room. A big boy room. Only still in his cot- installing a big boy bed at the same time would just be asking for trouble.


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