Breech baby

I’ve been to see the midwife again today and the baby is still breech. I think this one is a little bit of a monkey. I was sure, weeks ago, that it was breech, and even sought advice from one or two professionals on Twitter about what I should be feeling if that was the case. I was *sure* that I could feel a head just above my belly button (Guess the body part). I was also convinced that the baby being was breech was the reason why all the kicks had been- and still are- felt way down low. However, when I visited the hospital, I was sent for a growth scan (I told you the tape measure was wrong!) and was told that the baby was head down.

At the time, I accepted that what I had been feeling was actually a bottom and thought nothing more. Until a few nights later when the baby began to wriggle really uncomfortably and ta-da! The kicks were back to normal, way down low and more powerful than ever. I even remarked- in bad taste, I admit- that it felt as though something was going to come kicking out of me down below.  A week or so later, my midwife told me that the baby was ‘still breech’ and that she thought it was when she last saw me, but wasn’t sure. She placed my hands either side of a very prominent lump (one that regularly pushes up against my ribs) and told me that was the head. She also found the baby’s heartbeat high up, another sign of a breech presentation.

So I was right! And what does it really matter, with a c-section booked already? If I were to go into labour early, it might matter more, but other than a routine check after birth, I don’t think a breech presentation is too much of a problem in my case. Seems other women may disagree and are willing to try anything to get that baby to turn…

I found this article in the Belfast telegraph online today and couldn’t help but chuckle. With all the modern technology etc etc, we are still being encouraged to undertake old-wives-tales-type remedies to help good old Mother Nature do her job. I love the

‘ironing board trick’… The bag of frozen vegetables was to be placed on the baby’s head — while I hung upside down — urging it to move towards my pelvis to the correct vertex position.

Personally, I prefer this method for turning a breech baby:

play music at your pubic bone or even shine a flash light. Babies have been reported to move towards the sound or light. . (

although some of Ghostwriterdaddy’s musical choices might scare the poor thing into staying just where it is!

There are many suggested methods for turning a breech baby and there are many reasons why lots of women desperately try them all before delivery. I know that a c-section is not the preferred mode of delivery for all women and so that little word (breech) on the maternity notes can be upsetting and daunting for some. Me? I’m just glad my little game of Guess the body part proved that I am able to tell a bum from a head after all!


4 responses to “Breech baby

  • The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

    See, mother does know best! You were right! And it didn’t matter other than they really should have bloody listened to you!

    I was a breech baby, was turned three times and turned back each time. In the end I stayed, but my poor old mum wasn’t half panicking!

  • Lorraine Berry

    If mre midwives and doctors were confident in helping breech babies to birth vaginally, then women wouldn’t perhaps feel so worried about trying to et babies to turn! Latest research says we should be supporting women to have vaginal breech births more often – especially those who ave had previous normal vaginal births. However, many are still advising c sections as best option.

    I have used the light and music technique to turn two of my own babies (though they were early on breeches and may well have turned on their own anyway!). I have advised the ironing board method too, but not used myself! A similar position can be achieved using cushions and is probably more comfortable! The idea is to raise the hips higher than your chest, so that gravity encourages the breech to disengage from the pelvis and so have more room to turn. You then are supposed to lie on your side for 15 minutes and massage your tummy gently, encouraging baby to effectively do a forward roll into the pelvis! Acupuncture (moxibustion) has had 80% success rate at turning breeches in some studies and reflexology has also reported some good results.

    The method that seems most effective in my experience has been brisk walking, 30 minutes daily. Gravity encourages the heaviest part of baby (the head) to go down into the pelvis and the rocking movement of the hips also helps encourage baby to move.

    Either way, for you it is no matter and just adds to your case for elective Caesarian! Mum knows best and we’d do a whole lot better if we listened to mums own instincts more often!! Xx

  • Notmyyearoff

    Aww little mischievious baby. I remember z being engaged like a good little boy and then one day I felt an almighty flip in my belly and I just knew he was breech! He moved into the right position over the next week. I hope baby does for you too!

  • Honest Mum

    Hope it’s not too uncomfortable and how gorgeous is your bump. I have serious bump envy. Hmmm…

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