The ‘This is not a Christmas Post’ post

I’ve missed the window. It’s that bit between Christmas and New Year; that limbo where we should have snow or something equally as exciting to get us up off the sofa and into the park. It’s that strange week where some have returned to work for a couple of days, the kids have worked their way through the mountains of new toys and the Quality Street tin contains nothing but toffees and strawberry creams. It’s almost over, and I never even blogged about it.

Like I said, I’ve missed the window. And what an amazing feeling that is.

I’ve been too busy to blog. I’ve been thinking of other things and I’ve had no inclination at all to blog. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me- the fact that I am now blogging about not wanting to blog. Or something like that.

Perhaps I have reached that magical stage in a blogger’s life, where blogging is more of an activity to dip into ‘as and when’, rather than a frantic desire to keep stats rising and stem the risk of people forgetting about you.

Either way, I didn’t blog about Chrsitmas, so this is not a Christmas post. I’ve been amazed at the dedication of the bloggers who did blog about Christmas though, especially the ones who did it on the day itself! I take my hat off to you guys. But I’m glad I took a break.


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