Big Game Hunters: sand box review

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Big Game Hunters, and I instantly fell in love with most of the stuff on their site. If, like mine, your kids love to be outside then I sincerely recommend this you take a look at this site. Highlights include the superb climbing frame collection, the simply gorgeous play houses and, of course, the fabulous garden games. We often get stuff like this around this time of year, as by the time you dig them out again in the spring time, the kids feel as though they are getting presents all over again!

The ghostwritermummy household has been very lucky indeed. We received a gorgeous wooden sand box to review and I have to admit that this is something I have wanted to get for a long time now. We finished the garden this year but the weather hasn’t exactly been favourable for playing outside ever since. However, the autumn and winter months, so far, have been lovely and the kids have been loving being outside, so the sand box has certainly been very well received!

Our sand box arrived really quickly and we were kept informed of our order each step of the way, which I think is a really important factor when you buy online. We assembled the box quickly and easily and all we need now is sand! Ever creative, we decided to make the most of all that our garden has to offer (as the toy shop had run out of play sand…) and we’ve so far filled the box with fallen leaves and twigs. The kids have loved this. They’ve spent ages playing in the box, sorting the leaves for pictures and rubbings and pretending to be explorers. Once the sand has arrived, no doubt they will continue to have fun.

The sand box itself is a good size, sturdy and fits well into our garden. It’s also a classic staple that I believe all family gardens should include. I have my own happy memories of sand play as a child and I know as a teacher the sand tray is always popular. My kids both love the sand pit at the local park too, and I’m hoping that this summer we will perfect the art of sand castles once and for all!

Overall, we love our sand box and there are loads of other products on the Big Game Hunters website that we have our eye on too. Pop over and see for yourself!

*I received a sand box for the purposes of this review. I did not receive any payment. These views are totally my own!


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