Nod Pod: review

In around 13 weeks time, I expect to be embarking upon the school run with an extra little person in tow. I already know, from experience, that those early mornings are going to be chilly, more so when you are brand new and tiny! Its little wonder, then, that I jumped at the chance to review the simply fabulous Nod Pod Blanket.

This is a truly ingenious product which was designed with babies like mine in mind. You know, the ones who can’t keep blankets on their legs, despite the fact they live in one of the coldest parts of the country. The ones who kick so much in the pram and buggy that blankets end up tangled under dirty wheels and toes end up chilled…

The creators of the blanket are rightly very proud of their gorgeous designs and say that:

The Nod Pod is a baby blanket brought up to date. Perfect for new babies its design keeps little legs, toes, and heads covered and can keep arms safely wrapped up where babies like them best.

The blanket’s simple and versatile design works with baby carriers, car seats and pushchairs without needing holes and zips to accommodate straps and buckles. It also works perfectly on its own in a cot or moses basket allowing you to wrap up your little bundle without lots of extra fabric and bulk getting in the way.

I have been lucky enough to receive a beautiful white Nod Pod blanket and I’m looking forward to wrapping up the new baby once he/ she arrives. No doubt another review shall be required! For more information on the Nod Pod blanket, visit the website and Facebook page.

What are your favourite baby finds lately? Are there some products you’ve found that are so clever you can’t imagine why they weren’t invented sooner? I’d love to know about those products you’ve found that have become firm favourites: just leave me a comment and I will do a round up of all ideas and products named.


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