Bundle-o-Joy: taking the stress out of shopping for maternity clothes!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, almost eight years ago now, there was a serious lack of decent maternity wear out there. I ended up wearing either the most basic of maternity clothes (for basic, read mumsy) or my husband’s favourite t-shirts. The former made me feel boring and older than my relatively young (ish) 26 years and the latter drove my husband mad as everything was returned to him with boob marks, apparently.

The second time around, the high street seemed to have cottoned on to the fact that most pregnant women did not want to compromise with their clothes just because they had a bump. Suddenly, Top Shop, River Island, H&M and New Look were all featuring maternity wear. There was so much to choose from! I actually owned more than one pair of jeans and had a work wardrobe to keep me in at least three of four different outfits a week.

So, um… what happened? In the space of two years, almost every single shop that I relied on during my last pregnancy has gradually dwindled down on their maternity clothing sections. Some shops have stopped stocking maternity wear in-store altogether. Cost cutting? No demand? Who knows. All I know is that these days, shopping for maternity wear is stressful!

This is where Bundle-O-Joy comes in. I love this site. Not only does Elise write a fab blog (well worth checking out, especially if you’re a mum to be) but she has also taken her own maternity wear frustrations and turned them into a super duper business!

Bundle-O-Joy is unique in that it features maternity bundles that are designed specifically for you and most definitely take the stress out of shopping in tired maternity sections in the high street. Instead, Elise scours the best sites, finds the best deals, and puts together bundles that make great presents or personal indulgences. There are mini bundles, essential bundles, sports bundles, themed bundles… You can also buy items separately. The best thing is that every item has been personally selected by a woman who has had children and who knows how important it is to feel like a million dollars whilst at the same time attempting to flatter the watermelon under her shirt.

I ordered a small bundle from Bundle-o-Joy and I am honestly delighted with it. My denim skirt and black top arrived all packaged up in pretty pink paper and everything fits perfectly. This is what I chose:

Bundle-O-Joy is a lovely site and well worth a visit if you’re pregnant and struggling to find something to wear. Oh, and did I mention there are some fab gift ideas too? Ahem *ghostwriterdaddy* cough, cough…

** I received a discount on my order from Bundle-O=Joy. All opinions in this post are my own and genuine. I have not received any payment for writing this review. This review is also published at Maternity Matters.


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