Mamas and Papas- the family story competition!

Every family has a story. Whether it is good or bad, funny or sad- there is always a tale to tell. Some families are new, some go back generations. Some are inspirational and some should be buried in a closet and left to rot forever. It doesn’t change the fact that all families have a story that means something to them.

Recently, I attended a fabulous bloggers event at the Mamas and Papas headquarters. You can read about it here. Throughout the day we were joined by a member of the M&P family (as their team of dedicated staff is called) who was so passionate and so informed about all of the products. At the end, after she had said goodbye and dashed off to her office, I remarked about how much she seemed to live and breath Mamas and Papas. I was told that she was the daughter of Luisa and David Scacchetti, who had founded the company. Their first born daughter, Amanda, had been their inspiration and is now a key player in the company. To say she lives and breathes Mamas and Papas is an understatement.

We found out that the Scacchetti family is very hands on indeed. Mamas and Papas always say that their products are ‘designed by parents for parents’ and they aren’t just saying it. Amanda designed the fantastic Mylo pram and actually had babies like my own in mind when she insisted the carry-cot needed an incline feature for those with reflux. We also discovered that every single item that is sold by Mamas and Papas is personally signed off by Luisa and has to pass the infamous ‘fingernail test’. If folding the pram isn’t easy and runs the risk of breaking a nail, it is sent back until it functions perfectly.

My own family story is nothing like this one. My family does not run a business and has never migrated from Italy with ambitions to create the perfect world for their baby. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a story, though. We have plenty, and one day I will share them. For now, you will have to make do with the stories here, on this blog.

My point is that family stories are what keep people reading and keep people wanting to know more. We all agreed that the Mamas and Papas story was the perfect tale to read about on their blog, and if you pop over there you will see that they are currently running a post from Jo Whiley, on what family means to her.

Mamas and Papas truly are a family run business and I feel totally honoured to have been able to witness this first hand. To celebrate, I am holding a competition to win one of their super babysnug seats.

Usually retailing at £39.95, I have one to give away to a lucky reader. All you need to do is answer this question:

What is the full name of the daughter who inspired the Mamas and Papas company?

Please include both christian and surname and leave your answer in the comments. The competition will run for one week, closing at 2pm Monday 21st November 2011. I will randomly select one correct answer so please make sure you leave contact details. Good luck!


*competition is open to UK residents only

*Mamas and Papas snug to be sent out to one winner by the company direct



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