A special day…

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Ghostwritermummy is one year old today! I think they call it a blogaversary. Whatever the correct terminology, it’s actually a really special day for me. It’s exactly one year since I pressed publish for the first time, and so embarked upon an amazing journey. Those who know me, know that my blog is a lot more than ‘an online diary of sorts’. It is my vehicle to recovery, my ladder to the top of a deep, dark hole and my tiny teeny corner of the internet where I found I had a voice.

My first post was called Hello World, since that’s the standard WordPress opening post. I didn’t knew I was allowed to change it (!) so I left the title and tentatively added the following words:
“So this is the wonderful world of blogging. I don’t actually know why I have set up this account, accept for the fact that it was recommended to me and I am currently trying to avoid real work. SO, here I am. I guess this will be my chance to try and work things out in my head and to finally get THAT project started… wish me luck!”
Incredibly, one person found this post. The lovely Gemma of Hello it’s Gemma left me a comment and invited me into her world of parent blogging. Wow.

At first, I wanted nobody to read my blog. I was writing for me, and me only. My next post was called The Difficult Second Child. Nobody has ever commented on this post and only ten people have ever read it. In the Beginning was my next post, an attempt to start my story somewhere logical. The intention was to write my daughter’s birth story, and then my son’s. I never managed to put that down into words until later. Instead, I wrote about our small struggle to conceive him (Before he was Born). I was happy that barely anyone was reading. Like I said, this was for me.

I published my son’s birth story on December 17th 2010, four days after he turned one. It went live at 23.18 and so far 416 people have read it. 49 comments have been made, some of them mine. This was the beginning. This was the post that made me realise that people were reading my blog and were relating to what I had to say. This was the night that I stayed up late to change the theme of my blog, I chatted on twitter with other lovely bloggers and I began to take notice of those bitter sweet stats. I was suddenly a blogger.

In my very first post, I wrote about finally getting “THAT project started…”

I’m doing it. In three days time. I’m going to write my book. I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I’m going to write the book I started when I was around five years old. Mum, all those stories I started and never finished… this time I will. I think. I hope.
I want to raise money for the Birth Trauma Association so I am going to ask people to sponsor me to complete the 50,000 words by 30th November. It would be fantastic if you would sponsor me, as soon as I figure out a way to get a just giving button on my blog. I want to do this! Ghostwritermummy started it all.

*edit: here is my button- click on it and go straight to my Just Giving page!
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