Waterbirthplease and the Kiddy Adventure Pack challenge!

The fabulous people at Kiddy have sent me a fantastic Kiddy Adventure Pack and asked me to complete a rather exciting sounding challenge. I have to say that I failed. The toddler will only entertain the idea of a carrier if I am wearing it, but being 23 weeks pregnant, my back just cannot take it. Plus, I don’t think my legs will carry me up a steep hill… Anyway, I failed. BUT my good friend Minty of Waterbirthplease did not!

The following vlog and review is all thanks to her and her husband, who took the gorgeous Grace on an adventure up one of the steepest hills in Bolton Winter Hill. He did it without stopping and still smiling!  I hope you enjoy. Please pop over to Waterbirthplease to let Minty know how cute Grace is and how clever her husband is too! Oh, and don’t forget to mention Minty’s fab farmer’s accent at the end. And the whooping. It all adds to the atmosphere.

The Kiddy Adventure Pack is comfortable, durable and able to withstand winter hill. The rain cover is a handy feature but could be a little bigger to keep the Bolton rain at bay. Overall, the waterbirthplease household were very impressed with it!
Please check out the Kiddy site for more information.


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