The Littlest Angel DVD: review

The big one has been busy. We were lucky enough to be sent a copy of the delightful DVD, The Littlest Angel. It was released for purchase and download on the 10th October, just in time for Christmas, and we think it would make a perfect gift or stocking filler. BUT don’t just take my word for it. Here is the big one’s official review:

*note: I tried to get her to do a vlog but she shares her mother’s hatred of the camera so she has dictated her views to me.


The Littlest Angel on DVD, from Lionsgate films


What it’s all about:

“The Littlest Angel is a bit naughty because he always gets into trouble. One day he goes back to the world (translate: he goes down to earth) to get his special precious treasure box. He’s not allowed to go there and that’s why he’s so naughty.

The Littlest Angel has a friend called Halo who is his dog and he goes too. But some people (the owners of a travelling show) get him and try to keep him. He has to escape or he will never get his precious box back and it will be too late for Christmas too.”

Who it’s great for:

“It think all children will like this DVD, especially at Christmas because it has a Christmas story. The Littlest Angel is really cute.”

Who it’s not so great for:

“Daddy, because he says he has seen it about a billion times already and its not even Christmas yet.”


“I like it.”

This is a really lovely Christmas tale and one that the kids will really enjoy. The animation is gorgeous and the story itself (based on the best selling children’s novel by Charles Tazewell) is a real heart-warming, family affair. It would make perfect viewing for Christmas.

For more information, see Lionsgate Films.

The big one and I received a promotional DVD for review purposes only and these views are totally our own.

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