Ghostwritermummy and Bump: the week that ended 23.10.11

I’ve been busy once more over on Ghostwritermummy and Bump at iVillage. A mega busy week of birthdays, lesson observations and parent’s evening has prevented me from keeping you up to date with all the posts though, so I thought I would round them all up at the end of each week. Then I went and had a busy weekend so here it is, a day late. But still, all the week’s posts are here. Don’t forget, I love comments too: feel free to comment over on iVillage!


The Name Game: how did you choose your child’s name? Come and see how we got ours and give us suggestions please!

Baby Shower Anyone?: I’m actually about to write an article on baby showers but I have to admit that I am totally stumped. I’m not entirely sure what they’re all about. Have you had one? Can you help? If you’re local, do you want to host one for me??

This baby is making me fat: I can’t stop eating! My appetite is going from strength to strength. I need help, guys…

My fight for a planned c-section: this post is all about my consultant’s appointment that never was. I am still stunned that my 3rd child’s birth may be jeopardised by the hospital’s insistence that a VBAC is a good idea. I had a failed VBAC last time and I don’t fancy setting myself up for the 40% chance of it all going wrong again. This time though, I am going to fight. Who’s with me?!


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy!


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