Listography: top five search terms

Ha ha! I love this one! I haven’t joined in with Listography for SUCH a long time, but I couldn’t resist with this one, since some search terms on my blog are truly baffling at times! Ok, so the top five search terms of all time are:

homework: 1,849.

Seriously. That many people typed in homework and found my blog. Yes, I’m a teacher but I don’t blog about it that much. Also, I only ever did one post about homework and that was about how I don’t agree with it…

censored: 754.

This was the name of a post I did about sharing photos on the internet. People regularly type this word, probably looking for something a little more racy, and find me instead. Oh well, traffic is trafffic.

dora: 440.

Confusing. I did one post about Dora. One.

ghostwritermummy: 235.

Explains itself really.

dora the explorer: 146.


The next 2 were variations on my blog name. What I really want to add here are the weird search terms. Some are up there with random spam comments. Now, tell me why someone typed this and found my blog:

sooty and sweep are ridiculous

Here are some more weird and wonderful search terms. Enjoy…

I like Pat Sharpe

stork in dumbo

Pat Sharpe mullet head

pantomine dame 2010

I don’t want to do my homework

singing santa head


how to explain myself

loose teeth in the mouth

little children screaming

cream mouth (????????????)

I was born again tonight

someone complete my homework please


what room, swishy broom

her snot (?????!!!!)

are boyfit jeans big around the waist?

I am constantly moaning at my kids to listen

If it was you who used these search terms to find my blog, um…. what??! Especially “her snot” and “cream mouth” *shudder*. Also, what’s with the homework???? There are sixteen different variations of homework searches on my blog!
Oh, and Pat Sharpe? Really? One post. One. About annoying kid’s TV shows for another Listography post. I am not a huge fan, honestly.


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