Music I want my children to listen to: She and Him


I thought since I resurrected Facebook Friday last week, that I would dust off Music I Want My Children To Listen To also. I stopped doing this because of time mainly but also people stopped linking up. I wish I’d kept it up though, just for me, as I often think of posts that would be relevant. Whatever the reason, I always missed the music posts so I now have a back-log to get through!

If you’re not sure what Music I Want My Children To Listen To is, click here or on the badge at the top of this post to find out.

This week I have chosen She and Him, a recent obsession which requires the toddler and I to hit ‘repeat’ so that we can swirl around the kitchen on a regular basis. As ever, the husband discovered this band on my behalf and there is a tale that goes with it.
We had been stranded in Atlanta one moment, then safely placed on a business class flight to Manchester via Dusseldorf the next. We hadn’t slept the night before since the hotel we were holed up in was not pleasant and was situated very close to the busiest airport in the world. Oh, and we were faced with the prospect of either staying in Atlanta for the forseeable, or pay thousands of dollars to get home. So, you can imagine that settling into those big old seats with Air France’s compliments was like sitting upon a golden throne. Or something like that.
In reality, the staff made it clear we didn’t belong. Or, probably, the toddler didn’t. To make matters worse he’d missed a dose or two of his meds and his soya milk bottles had turned sour. We had no way to get him to sleep the ten hour flight. Eventually, we struck upon dairy free creamer and managed to make up a bottle and send him on his way. Thing is, the only place he would sleep was my husband’s lap. That meant that whichever of the airplane’s on-board CDs he chose to listen to had better be good, because once the toddler was asleep he wasn’t able to move to change it. We don’t disturb the toddler when he’s asleep. We did it once and we won’t do it again.
Luckily, my husband chose She and Him. He listed to this album for the majority of the toddler’s four hour sleep. It was the first CD he bought once back in the UK. It is brilliant. It reminds us of the sweet escape of Atlanta, the frantic yet long journey home from our first big family holiday. It reminds us of dancing in the kitchen with bubbles in the sink; stepping on toy cars and trains and whirling the toddler around in my arms; singing in funny voices; being home.

So here is She and Him. They are a two-piece, made up from Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward ( Zooey is married to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie and Matt is M. Ward, as featured in MIWMCTLT week 7) and this is my favourite track on the album, Volume 2.


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