Show off Showcase: the one about food

Wow. I haven’t joined in with The Boy and Me’s super Show off Showcase for ages. But this one has really grabbed me, since I have been known to blog about food and how little of it is eaten in this house! The post I’ve decided to link up was written after a trip to the seaside, where we found it impossible to cater for a dairy free diet. Incidentally, we’ve just returned from Florida and the only place we found that served dairy free ice-cream was at the Magic Kingdom. No supermarkets or chemists had even heard of dairy free chocolate, which I found amazing. So, it seems the UK is *slowly* getting it right…

Here’s my post, Eating out on a dairy free Diet:
ShowOff Showcase


Eating out with kids on a dairy-free diet is no mean feat. Which means, it’s impossible sometimes. In my family, 50% of us are dairy free. That’s a large percentage. One of my kids has been officially diagnosed as lactose intolerant and the other is pending. They make up the 15% of the UK population who are unable to digest certain sugars in cow’s milk. 15% of the population is roughly 9.2757 million people. That’s a lot of people who require either lactose-free or dairy-free food. If you tried to squeeze all of those people into Wembley Stadium, there would be 9.1857 million people left outside, baying for a pot of soya ice-cream.

I suppose you know what I’m getting at by now. Practically NOWHERE caters for a dairy-free diet!

The baby has been dairy-free since we started weaning him and so he knows no different. The big one, however, knows all about ice-cream chocolate, macaroni cheese and pizza. At home, we make dairy-free versions of these. When we’re out, there are no alternatives. Sure, some supermarkets reserve a small shelf for the unfortunates, with over-priced, foul tasting chocolate buttons and equally as over priced but considerably more edible puddings. Latcose-free cheese is 100% more tasty than dairy-free versions but still has a slightly strange texture to someone who used to love a good cheddar. Put it this way, there is a real gap in the market in my opinion.

At the seaside, we are assaulted by signs screaming ice-cream! Chocolate! Pizza! Fine, my daughter is no savage and she can say no to these things. But why should she? Why isn’t there more choice out there? If it were me, I would be going CRAZY!!

And why is dairy-free stuff so expensive? Dairy-free ice-cream is £3 for a really small pot- not good for the weekly shop at the end of the month. And why do soya yogurts taste so chalky? Lactose-free versions are much better but again, the price tag puts me off.

So I need help, people. Given that there are around 9.2757 people who are also following a lactose-free diet, I’m guessing that at least one or two of you are parent bloggers, or at least are going to read this post. So where do you go to buy your stuff? Where do you get your bargains? What are your delicious must-haves? What recipes do you swear by? Where do you eat out? How do I console my six year old who is seriously craving some dairy?

Any tips, ideas and advice would be seriously welcome!


4 responses to “Show off Showcase: the one about food

  • Domestic goddesque

    Oh God, that must be tough. My husband and the Dimpled Assassin are allergic to cheese and I find that quite tough as I was once a hige cheese fan. I can’t imagine the difficulties involved with Dairy-Free.

  • The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

    I did not realise that so many people are dairy-intolerant!

    Have you heard of Worthenshaws ice-cream? She was on Dragon’s Den and has produced dairy-free ice-creams, Peter Jones backed her.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  • Elaine Livingstone

    about 8 yrs ago we were down at Aysgarth falls, and there was a cafe at the car park, some sort of tourist boardy thing. They shocked me as they did dairy free ice-cream, biscuits and sandwiches all made with soya stuff, and no more expensive than dairy stuff.
    I blog wheat/gluten/egg/dairy/nut free, and make all my own milk, yoghurt, ice-cream, cakes, custards, puddings, etc. plenty of inspiration on my blog for you…include meringues, pancakes, bread and butter pudding etc etc.. Im linked up as well so easy enough to find

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