Ghostwritermummy and Bump: to breastfeed, or not to breastfeed?











That is certainly the question, and one that I am posing over on Ghostwritermummy and Bump at iVillage. Please take a read, I would love to know what you think.

I’ve had two very different experiences of breastfeeding and this time I am just not sure what I am going to do. I’m not losing sleep over it (yet) but I am still finding it a sore subject.

Oh, and feel free to add to the very lengthy comment over there. Someone has clearly enjoyed the post so much that they felt the need to tell me everything they know about basketball…


Read To Breastfeed, or not to Breastfeed?


7 responses to “Ghostwritermummy and Bump: to breastfeed, or not to breastfeed?

  • Lorraine

    In my opinion I think breast feeding is alot better even if u do just do it for a few weeks x yes it’s sore n can get really sore at times x but it’s alot cheaper n u don’t have to get up warm bottles to rite temp etc x it’s somethin u have to perservere with in my opinion x but don’t get pressured into somethin if u really don’t want to do it xx

    • ghostwritermummy

      Thanks for your comments. I agree that it is my decision but I think that it is so ingrained that breastfeeding is the best method that any other option makes me feel guilty. I’m going to wait and see- I’m only 19 weeks after all.

  • Bella

    Rather respond here than follow on from bizarre basketball comment on ivillage, think they should delete that as it will put ppl off responding.
    I have breastfed both my babies for around a year each. My firstborn and I had many issues with it including complete refusal for the first 4 days of his life. He also had reflux and would frequently throw up all over my boob and his face mid feed! My second latched on at 20 mins old and fed for 15 mins. She then fed 3 hrs later for another 15 minutes, and this was how she continued until a year old – an absolute dream to be honest! There were moments; I had mastitis, thrush, cracked nipples, engorged boobs but to have formula fed would have been such a hassle compared to her quick feeds every few hours.
    My feelings on breast v’s formula are that a mother should be allowed to choose which suits her and her child without stigma. What makes me sad is when a mother wants to breastfeed but runs into perfectly normal complications that without the right advice become huge problems and lead her to stop doing what she wanted. It is support for breastfeeding mothers that is needed so desperately.
    Also please don’t assume that BF babies will have poor weight gain, some children are just that way regardless. Both mine remained on the 75th centile throughout their first year, even with reflux.
    I guess my point is each child is sooo different so try not to dwell on how bump will be.

    • ghostwritermummy

      I think you’re right Bella. I really think that with the right support I could’ve carried on with Luka but the whole thing has really put me off. My midwife is already asking me about it and I know deep down that I do want to bf but I also know the logistics might not work for me. Its too early to make a decision I think. Thanks for your comments, I always appreciated advice from you lovely ladies XxX

  • Multiple Mummy

    Again like you I had two very different experiences of feeding…Noah I breastfeed for 8 weeks but he was so hungry he was latched on all the time and i had to move him to a bottle because he was just not getting enough from me. I remember his first bottle and he downed six ounces which I thought he would never drink and then he slept for 3 hours! The twins I didn’t breast feed at all as Noah was only 15 months and i did not have the time to be constantly feeding two babies with him, I needed a routine. So my advice to you, is what is right, is what feel feels for you, your family and your baby at the time. Don’t put pressure on it and see how it feels at the time. It does not matter if you feed exclusively for six month, 2 weeks or not at all as long as both Mummy and baby are happy. x

  • working london mummy

    I did a mix as like Multiplemummy my little one downed a large formula feed at bedtime, and to make it easier at the eventual transution. But each time is different and it is a mummy baby thing though if you can do a few weeks the immune benefits of early breastmilk are worth giving if you can. x

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