I heart my midwife!

It’s true. I heart my midwife! Today she did two wonderful things. Let me explain.

I had my first community appointment- you know, the ones where you take a bottle of wee and have your blood pressure taken. All that jazz. This time it was with a new community midwife, since my old one has moved on and I needed to change clinics due to work commitments.

So, we do the blood pressure and it’s low. That explains the dizziness. Nothing out of the ordinary. And then my midwife transformed herself into one of the most fabulous ladies I have come across today. The conversation went thus:

‘Would you like to hear the baby’s heartbeat today?’

‘Yes please!’

Well, we don’t usually do it until you’re around 24 weeks, but you’re very slim so we might be able to hear it today.’

(The point you need to note has been underlined, italicised and printed in bold)

And there was me, feeling every inch the beached whale, sick as a dog and ready to drop with fatigue! All of a sudden, I was ten feet tall and ready to take on the world! And THEN she said it again!

But that’s not the most amazing part of it all. The second thing she did was to smear my belly with cold jelly and press the doppler thing onto my skin. And then I heard it. That sweet sound. My baby’s heart beat!

That’s why I heart my midwife. She let me listen to the tiny, precious life that’s growing inside of me. AND she told me I was slim. What an amazing woman!

18 week bump


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