No Child Born to Die

I will keep this short and simple. The title says it all: No Child Born to Die.

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you are a parent. If you aren’t a parent, I’m willing to bet a year’s salary that you are a human being with a beating heart. A heart that cares and a concience that pricks every now and then.




Yesterday I attended the Blogging/ Vlogging Conference hosted by Save The Children. Those that were there too will know what I mean when I say that my own “problems” have certainly been put into perspective. It’s been a very very emotional week for me but I have to admit to feeling like one of the luckiest people alive today.

Yesterday we spoke to Lucy via a live link to Nairobi in South Sudan. She is was of the very few healthworkers out there trying to make a difference. She is saving children’s lives. It is reported that

“Half of the 8 million children who die each year are in Africa, yet Africa has only 3% of the world’s doctors, nurses and midwives.” (Save The Children)

Lucy helped to save the life of a mother and child during childbirth. The mother’s bladder was full and so obstructing a safe delivery. All it took was a simple procedure to empty the bladder and two lives were saved. Children are dying from the most simple of illnesses and we want this to stop.

If you are a parent, you need to help. If you aren’t a parent, you still need to help. Save The Children need another 20,000 signatures before Tuesday if the government are going to commit to helping these children. All you need to do is sign the petition. You can also make a donation; if you do this before September 30th 2011, the government will double your donation pound for pound.

During the session we were asked to sign an audio petition, in which we were asked to contribute towards a song entitled ‘Time For Action’. Here’s the official video:



This week, Liz (Save the Chilren) and Chris (Thinly Spread) are in New York to lobby world leaders to take action. We can also do our bit. Sign the petition. Save Lives.


Click here to sign the petition now!


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