My Children are so clever

If you’re offended, or even slightly annoyed by parental bragging, then look away now. I’ve heard of other bloggers being shot down in flames for daring to boast about their offspring, so take this as a disclaimer of sorts.

My Children are so clever. There, I said it. I’ve even created myself a nifty medal to let you know I really mean it.

Yesterday, The Big One decided she would hop onto her bike and ride it without stabilisers, having previously given this up as an impossible task. There she went, up the road and over the hill, so to speak. Her little legs were going round and round and her face said it all. Look at me! Look what I can do!

How liberating, that first bike ride. I wish I could remember mine, but the memory seems to have been washed away with life. I hope The Big One remembers the day she learnt to ride her bike.

Oh, the toddler is very clever too. Having nailed the art of slamming doors (see this post), he has now moved on to art. Oh yes, I have the next Banksy on my hands here. Most walls in the house have now been grafitted on and he is swiftly moving on to radiators. Its the next big thing you know, the scribbled look. I love it.



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