Summer Holiday Softplay Hell

SInce we haven’t been on holiday yet, I have specially written  summer holiday day out post for The Boy and Me’s Showoff Show case. Come and see the rest!

ShowOff Showcase

I don’t know why I did it. Perhaps it had something to do with just NEEDING  get out of the house. It had lots to do with wanting to keep the big one and her friend occupied on a rainy day. We had exhausted painting, jewellry making, having lunch, watching a DVD, creating a scene to represent a wardrobe throwing up and all offers of baking, treasure hunts and mask making had been rejected. The kids wanted to run around on sweaty crash mats and slide down sticky slides and pelt each other with plastic balls. It was all their idea.

It was PACKED. I mean, there were literally kids pressed up against the windows, eyeballs bulging as they waited oh-so-patiently for their turn on the crazy swamp lake stepping stones. There were mums and dads wearily queueing for coffee and kids demanding fruitshoots at the tops of their voices. There were shout outs for whoever has ordered chips, cheese and beans to come and collect their heart attack on a plate. There were screams of “You have to SHARE!”

And amidst all of this, I found a table, settled with my coffee and sat down. I anticipated a little bit of peace while the kids played. I looked forward to catching up with my book, revelling in my clever idea to keep the kids busy here on this rainy day. Here is what actually happened:

I left my book at home and was forced to read a trashy magazine about celebs and people who were addicted to eating the inside of sofas. The kids felt the need to return to the table every three minutes to either a) demand food and drink, b) tell me about another child who had laughed/ poked/ pushed, or c) tell me they were hot and tired and wanted to go home. I had just paid £10 to get them in and a further £3.60 for two drinks and two packets of buttons. We were NOT going home. We would endure this hell for at LEAST another hour!!

I think things came to ahead when I realised I had chosen a table right beside the candy floss machine (can you BELIEVE it?! A candy floss machine- incase the kids aren’t hyper enough!!). No wonder it was the only vacant table and other, sensible, parents had chosen to camp out by the football court. After a mum screamed in my face “Is is YUMMY?!” I think something inside me died. We decided to leave Summer Holiday Softplay Hell and opted instead for the pet shop. Nice, calm and educational. Much better!




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