Pregnancy blog- Good Things Come in Threes

Guess what? I’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to blog about my pregnancy at ivillage!!! I am now whooping around the kitchen since I recieved the email with the link to my first post!! Let me explain why this is so blimmin exciting.

Remember this post, The Virtual Sisterhood? This was where I told you about the amazing women that I met online when I was pregnant with my son. These women have seen me through the hardest times I have ever faced and we are all still in touch on a daily basis. These women were the first ones  I told after the second blue line appeared. These women virtually held my hand as I felt my heart breaking after my son’s horrid birth. These women are my virtual sisterhood.

I met these women at ivillage.

That’s why I am so excited to be blogging over there during this pregnancy. What started with the occasional post during my first pregnancy in 2004 has now evolved and it seems like such a natural step for me to be blogging about my third. So, as I feel I am now getting all emotional once more, I will nudge you over in the direction of my pregnancy blog: Ghostwritermummy and Bump. See you over there!

** I am still blogging here too! Ghostwritermummy and Bump is my ‘pregnancy place’ and this is my ‘everything else place’. Hope that makes sense!


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