The Gallery: Birth

Yes, I know. It’s a dead Christmas tree. It might take some explaining, so stay with me here. This week’s prompt for The Gallery is Birth. I could’ve posted a picture of my children hours after they were born, or perhaps tried to capture the slight look of terror in my eyes as I contemplate the birth of the next one… I could’ve. But when I thought about the toddler I felt that a different image could perhaps sum it up in a different way.
Let me tell you about the Christmas tree. We had had a real one for a few years and this particular year we decided to get ready a little early. I think we were properly decked out by the end of Novemeber, with a tree in each room almost. This tree, in my pregnant wisdom, I placed by the door in the living room. Every time someone came in or out of the room, it shed its pines like an old man gently weeping. We found it funny.
The night I went into labour with my son, the tree was still looking rather magnificent. Well, ok. It was looking alright. Hoovering that area had become an obsession but it looked ok. By the time I returned, it looked pretty much like it does in this picture. It was only the 15th December when my son left the hospital. What a dismal tree.
Now, I like to think that the tree gave up the ghost and decided to die in the corner, so that my son could stay. Sounds so silly, now that I’ve written that down in black and white. But when you’re desperate to keep a grain of positivity in a time that seems to endlessly bleak, your mind does seem to go off at strange tangents now and then.
So here is my picture for this week’s The Gallery. This dead Christmas tree sums up the word birth, but only in some respects. We laughed at this tree. We became frustrated with the work it created. We were sad to say goodbye, in the end. Isn’t that a little like life?


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