Ignorant people

I can’t stand ignorant people. I started this blog after my son was born and it was immediately a place where I could write about my feelings towards his birth. Those of you who know Ghostwritermummy know my reasons for blogging, my story and my feelings about birth trauma. Those of you that don’t, please take a look at my birth trauma page.

That said, Idon’t expect everyone to understand or even agree with many of my opinions, worries and anxieties. I don’t expect everyone to want to read about my experiences and trust that those who aren’t interested simply choose not to read. I have *touch wood* never, EVER received a negative comment on this blog to date (you watch, perhaps I will be inundated now…) and so generally feel that either people get me and accept me or they just don’t comment on posts that are obviously emotive. Thank you.

Yesterday I read an article in the Daily Mail, about one of the ladies in the Birth Trauma Association’s Facebook page. This very brave lady told her story to a reporter in a bid to raise awareness of birth trauma and Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I love her for doing this. The article raises awareness in all the right ways. It’s just a shame that some people who left comments decided they were going to verbally trample all over the estimated 50, 000 women a year in the UK who suffer a traumatic birth.

Some of the comments that have been left on this article are truly ignorant. I’m only glad I didn’t read them eighteen months ago but so sorry that Lucy had to read them in response to her story. Ignorant people need education. Please take a look at this article on Maternity Matters today, This is why we need to educate people about birth Trauma. Or, feel free to simply move on, read another blog and go about your business. Nobody is forcing you to agree with me. I’m just asking that you respect my feelings.


8 responses to “Ignorant people

  • Amumonamission

    I hate ignorant people too. But I love your blog xxx

  • Midlife Singlemum

    Some people are very small minded – I had a good time at school therefore anyone who was bullied is a whinger, I had a good childhood therefore anyone who was abused is a whinger, etc… Likewise it is very hard for some people to accept that not all birth experiences are wondrous events. But why do they have to be nasty about it? That’s what I can’t understand.

  • waterbirthplease

    Here bloody here! That poor woman. I hope she can rise above it and continue to raise awareness. I also hope she reads your blog xxx

  • Louise Ninnis

    So true. Some of those comments were awful, and so ignorant. 😦 x

  • SAHMlovingit

    Sadly the world in full of ignorant people – and most of them seem to be Daily Mail readers. I hate them. I think some people just get a kick out of causing upset online…yeah they are so brave hiding behind their computer screen causing hurt and upset to someone who is feeling very fragile. It appears the comments have been removed now and disabled and I’m glad…it would only make me angry xxx

  • lucy

    thanks guys, i am glad that you all appreciated the article, i knew there would be some negative comments, but i take it as you can only truly understand ptsd etc when you have been thru it so i will give them the benefit of the doubt! also i decided to do the article in the hope that i would help even 1 lady. thanks again!

  • Ithylkalina

    What SAHMlovingit said! But well done Lucy, so glad you noticed the support for you here and I’m glad the trolls didn’t get you down. You’ve definitely helped a lot of people, go you 🙂

    Oh and I also love you GWM 😉

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