Chocolate, sand and snot…

My, how I love summer! We went to Formby Point today (so did the whole of Merseyside and their dogs, as it turned out) and the children busied themselves in the sea and sand. We discovered that the toddler loves sand. He loves to play in it and he loves to eat it. He loves to dip sausages in it, swirl half-eaten and soggy Party Rings in it. He loves to pour it into his nappy and rub it into his eyes. He loves to mix it with the suddenly full-throttle snot tap he has attached to his face, add a little dairy free chocolate and then eat it. This is what he loves to do.

The big one loves the sea. She loves to wade in to her middle, in her new maxi dress. She loves to jump over the waves, splash on the shore-line and roll in the sand. She loves to remind me that I didn’t pack extra clothes for anyone…

We loved our day at the seaside. Chocolate, sand and snot. What more could you ask for, except less dogs, less random peparami smells and less *scousers?


*Only JOKING!!

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