What did you do on strike day?

So, any parents actually go into their child’s school to break the strikes? Anybody go in and work on immigration for the day? No? Really?

Seriously though, how did you cope with your childcare nightmare today? My husband stayed at home with the big one as my union decided not to strike this time and they had a rare daddy-daughter-day. See, even teachers were inconvenienced. But isn’t that the point? If we really wanted to harm education (which we do NOT!!) then wouldn’t we strike during the first week of May? So some of you had to arrange childcare for your children- a pain, yes, but then so is having to work to the age of 67 for less money.

Without wanting to rant and having already blogged about the fact that I support the strikes and not Gove’s idiot suggestions, I felt I had to post something. So, what did you do on strike day?


5 responses to “What did you do on strike day?

  • JoJo Kirtley

    through facebook I see that my teacher friends did the following: “went to the pub, went to the hairdressers, went to the cinema to watch transformers…..” and of course, they updated facebook….. xxx such a shame. xxxxx

  • TheBoyandMe

    A wise striking person would lay low and not advertise their actions. Our headteacher tried to imply yesterday that they should do their reports; the NUT rep spoke up straight away explaining how they should not be working at all!

    What did I do? I worked as my union wasn’t striking either. PPA cover this morning and then I had time for the ICT Quality Mark this afternoon as the teacher that I should have been covering was striking. Very quiet in school today, very quiet.

    Would I strike? Not sure, that’s why I joined the NASUWT because of my desire to not strike. However if I retired when my Teacher’s Pension told me to, I would retire at 67 years and 4 months. I am 33 and have taught for ten years. That means teaching for another 34 years; longer than I have been alive. I just can’t do that!

  • howwelaughed

    I taught as normal as did most of my colleagues. But also had an incident to deal with.

    A colleague was asked to cover 5 mins registration. We checked it wasn’t for a striking member of staff, ‘No, no. And it’s only for five minutes’, says our senior leader.

    Fifteen minutes later, 26 week pregnant covering colleague slipped on wet floor, cut her knee and strained stomach muscles trying to ensure her bump didn’t get squashed. Shaken and tearful she is taken to a classroom to sit down and receive First Aid.

    Meanwhile, it turns out it WAS a striking member of staff she had been asked to cover for by a member of the leadership team. And who should have been covering that class in the first place? ANOTHER member of the leadership team who had been seen during registration wandering around the corridors casually chatting to people ! Way to go with your support SLT!

    Within minutes there was a huddle of senior leaders around injured colleague checking she was ok.

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