A proud poo on the toilet

Its time for another poo post and since most of my readers are parents themselves, many to younger children, I know that you won’t turn up your noses at my choice today.
So I’ve already blogged about the toddler’s lactose intolerance and subsequent nappy rash that comes with it. Over the last couple of days, the toddler must have encountered some lactose somewhere, since his poo has become liquified once more, and smelling not unlike vinegar- a sign of lactose in his diet, I’m told. Today the poor boy literally begged me not to change his nappy. With his back firmly to the wall, his head shaking and the word “no” ringing in my ears, I guess there was no denying that the rash was back. Poor thing.

Later on, I spotted him pulling his poo face and immediately sprung into action.
“Are you doing a poo?” I asked him, trying to control the volume and shriekiness of my voice.
“NO.” he replied. He loves that word. Yet his face told otherwise and was turning red. Perhaps it was a solid one? One can only hope…
“Come on, let’s do a poo on the toilet!” I shrilled, scooping him up and flying up the stairs. “This is where we do poos!” I told him gleefully, slapping his robot seat onto the toilet and ripping open his nappy. “Here we are!”

The toddler sat on the toilet, grinning as inanely as I was. On the toilet like a big boy.
“Let’s do a poo, shall we?” I encouraged, after several minutes of pulling the toilet paper from its holder and reaching out to grab the towel.
“NO.” he replied.
“But this is where we do poos!” I protested, growing alarmingly high-pitched.
Eventually he got it. “Poo!” he announced and slapped his legs excitedly.
He seemed settled, so I did what any other mum would do. I decided to clean the bath whilst he sat on his throne, exclaiming POO! every now and then. Hmm, I’m sure I heard a plop…scrub, scrub…That was definitely a plop… rinse, rinse…POO!

Oh no. The toddler DID do a poo. On the toilet and everything- yay!- but, oh no…

When I turned around from my manic scrubbing of the bath tub (it really wasn’t that dirty, I was just in the zone), the toddler had indeed done a poo… and proceeded to catch it in his hands and smear it over the seat and his legs.
“Poo!” he said proudly.

I don’t know why, but our first poo on the toilet moment seems a little soiled now.


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