Cybermummy: The Comedown

Well. What a weekend! I have spent most of it either travelling or feeling totally overhwelmed by all that has been crammed into it. I am now entering the Cybermummy Comedown where my body realises I have barely slept since Thursday and my mind realises that I have a list of things to do as long as my arm. That’s long.

Before I forget, here are my highlights of the event. I will blog in more detail soon. Unless any of you want to come over to mine and put away my groceries, wash and dry eight loads of washing, iron the entire contents of four people’s wardrobes, cook the dinner and give me a foot massage? No? Well you will just have to wait then. In the meantime, my absolute favourite, most wonderful moments of Cybermummy were…

1. Meeting Jayne. Yes, she is fab in real life and yes, we have lots to think about and do for Maternity Matters.

2. The How to be a Blogger Activist session. Oh wow. If I had not gone to any other session throughout the whole day, it would’ve been worth it for this one session. Talk about inspiring, emotional and exactly the reason why I started to blog in the first place. Talk about the reason why Maternity Matters exists. I owe the biggest of thanks to the wonderful Liz Scarff from Save The Children PR, Sian To from Mummy Tips and Rosie from Rosie Scribble. I have already tweeted my thanks to Josie from Sleep is for the Weak for jumping onto the stage to allow Sian time to collect herself. Emotions were running high, Jayne ruined her makeup and there can’t have been a single person in the room who didn’t leave feeling inspired and in awe of the fantastic work these ladies have done. It was simply amazing.

3. The Writing Workshop. Yes, it was contraversial. But once I had decided that I would not be changing my blog name, I got loads from this session. I honestly think that Sophie King may have been thrown off track a little by the challenges some bloggers quite rightly threw her way. I also think that she maybe could have considered these challenges a little. But perhaps she got where she is today by being that single minded and I felt that the practical writing exercises were a good way to end the session. I have to add though, that I won’t be changing my hairstyle to write a blog post any time soon. But it could work for some…

4. Sarah Brown’s speech. What an amazing lady and what a inspiring and thought provoking speech. I also love the fact that Jayne and I were oblivious to the fact that she was married to Gordon Brown until she mentioned his name.

5. The free stuff. Ok, I defy any other attendee to not be excited about this!!!

Those are my top five highlights from Cybermummy. I owe a massive thank you to Kiddy for sponsoring me and a massive thank you to Susanna, Sian and Jennifer for organising such a fabulous event. For now though, please leave me to my Cybermummy Comedown. I need rest. And a darkened room. Oh, and some of that delicious chocolate cake stuff they served with afternoon tea…

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