Countdown to Cybermummy: meeting old friends for the first time

see you at cybermummy

Today’s random thoughts about Cybermummy are centred around putting names to faces. As I mentioned in my Countdown post yesterday, this weekend has a lot to do with putting names to faces. There will be some very sorely missed bloggers on Saturday, but there will also be some fab parent bloggers that I just cannot wait to meet!

I’m not going to write a list here, since I know I will miss people off and also because I don’t really think there are any parent bloggers that I don’t want to meet! What I will do now though, is to let you know how I’m feeling about the whole ‘putting names to faces’ thing. I’ve come to consider it more like meeting old friends for the first time.

I feel as though every time I write a post that reveals a little about the struggles I’ve faced in recent times, there are always bloggers out there who take the time to comment. There are bloggers who always have a piece of advice or a kind word to say. It means so much. There are bloggers who have welcomed me into their community and who have, in turn, revelead pieces of themselves too. These are the old friends I have yet to meet. The ones I have come to rely on in a virtual sense and the ones who have enabled me to use my blog as therapy as much as I have.

And then there is Jayne. Of course, I had to name this old friend. This is one blogger who I am so excited about meeting and at the same time cannot believe I have never met her. I need say no more. See you on Saturday!


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