Countdown to Cybermummy: Power to the Parent bloggers (and the absent ones)

see you at cybermummy
Twelve months ago I didn’t really know what a blog was. I had no idea that when you became a blogger, you entered a community and that there are rules and etiquettes that more often than not should be followed. I didn’t know that there were so many niche bloggers and the whole concept of a parent blogger and their community was not something that I gave much thought to. I never knew such a world existed.
Before you ask, no. I wasn’t hiding away in my own little corner of the world, oblivious to events that were going on around me. I was still a mother, have been for almost seven years. I read the magazines and followed parenting/ education news just as much as I do now. I just never knew that parent bloggers were so… so rife, for want of a better word.

Today, I am no longer a parent blogger virgin. I’m not even really a newbie anymore, I have been blogging properly since December- that’s six whole months! I am now fully esconsed in the parent blogging community and I have my Cybermummy ticket at the ready thanks to Kiddy.

According to this article, over 12% of parents in the US blog about their lives as parents and in the UK the number of parents who are now using social media has risen from 11% to 63% since 2006.

There can be no denying that parent bloggers have a certain power in their hands. Some bloggers literally have PRs eating out of their hands. Some of the ‘big mummies’ as I like to call them, certainly use their power to their own advantage as well as for the advantage of others. The parent blogging community is strong and growing stronger.

On Saturday, all of these influential parent bloggers will be meeting in one place to put faces to names and to learn the new tricks of the trade that will help to make their blog even better. We will be networking and nattering and meeting other influential characters that will boost our blogs that little bit more. SO what do you want to get out of Cybermummy?

Perhaps you have enough parent blogger power, perhaps you want a little more. Perhaps you’re not bothered at all about parent blogger power. At the end of the day, your blog is your own and your power is only measurable by what you do with it. Perhaps the whole concept of Cybermummy is a little too much and you just want to meet new people and find out a little more about what makes a good blog. Perhaps there is a brand that you’d love to work with. Perhaps you just want a good, child free day out.

On the other hand, does Cybermummy attendance really seal your parent blogger power? Some bloggers aren’t able to attend and some never even considered attending. Some parent bloggers are happy to write their blog and that’s it. No added extras, unless they’re really appealing and they fit well with their blogging intentions. Does that make their parent blogger power any less? Not in my opinion.

There are some parent bloggers I’m going to miss this weekend and they already know who they are. I’m hoping enough of us will return with ideas, enthusiasm and blogging gems to share with those who can’t make it.
For me, Cybermummy is an excellent opportunity to meet a certain few bloggers and other influential people here and there. Mostly, its about putting faces to names and having a conversation about blogging with people who blog. But that’s the beauty, right? Each to their own and more power to the parent blogger.


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