Countdown to Cybermummy!

see you at cybermummy

Wow. Only four more days until loads of parent bloggers descend on the capital for a spot of… um, you know. Or do you? I’m shamefully only just getting around to thinking about the actual logistics of the day itself and finding myself wishing I had considered it a little bit more to be honest! Ok, so my travel plans etc have been in place for a while and I know that I have a few bloggers I definitely want to meet. But that’s it. Am I the only one who is so disorganised?

The fabulous Kiddy are sponsoring me to attend Cybermummy and I am determined to do my best to be as fabulous a sponsored blogger as I can be. I’ve even agreed to a lime green polo shirt, depsite my frantic ‘Cybermummy outfit shopping trip’ at the weekend. I’ve decided to wear the shirt at intervals.

So clothing aside, can anyone tell me exactly what a Cybermummy actually does at Cybermummy? I know, I know- eyes and ears and all that. But what do I do???? Will I be given a schedule of events to sit and look at when I get there, since there seems to be so much going on at the same time that I want to do as badly as the next thing on the list? I need it in black and white. You know what I need? Advice from the old timers!

Where are you posts for Cybermummy Newbies? They must exist. How come I’ve never seen them? What are your best tips for getting the most out of Cybermummy? Come on, fellow parent bloggers- this is the first child free day I will have had in a very long time, I need to make the most of it. Most importantly, where will the cakes and coffee be?! Will there be a map? Oh my goodness, I’m panicking now- you have to help me!!

Please either leave a comment with your tips or a link with your post that will save my sanity. Thank you!


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