I trust you with my children’s lives

I trust you with my childrens lives. I give them to you, to take as your own. To care and to love. To change nappies, to feed, to cuddle, to stroke their backs while they fall asleep, to put plasters on knees and medicine in mouths. I trust you to read to them, to play with them, to sing with them and to talk to them. I trust you to put paint in pots and on fingers and on paper. I trust you to do silly voices when you read stories, to cut the crusts off sandwhiches and to write down the time they do a poo. I trust you to let them have a turn on the slide or to take part in a race. I trust you to smile at my children and to protect them too. I trust you with my children.

I feel sad that our time is coming to an end; and it is. I feel sad that you aren’t enough any more for us and for our children. I feel sad that the relationship has soured after it was once so sweet. I feel sad that I can’t justify my loyalty anymore.

This week I am visiting a new nursery and I just might be transferring my trust elsewhere.

I hope that the new place will love and care for my son as you do. I also hope that my son will be as happy there as he is with you. I hope that he will gain as much from the new place as the big one did from you; I’m sad that the toddler won’t be with you until the end but I think that a move is needed, for us and for you. I trusted you will my children’s lives and you never let us down… but you never moved on. You aren’t enough anymore.


2 responses to “I trust you with my children’s lives

  • Midlife Singlemum

    We do trust them with our childrens’ lives but we also want our children to be stimulated, challenged, and educated a bit, aswell as being safe and loved. You have to give your child the best that you can find and afford. It’s hard to do the right thing sometimes but be strong. I applaud your lack of wimpishness (is that a word?).

  • DorkyMum

    I hope you find a place that feels right for you. This is a really lovely post. I’ve only just started my son at nursery, and only for a couple of mornings a week, because it took me so long to feel ready to trust someone else to do all those things you mention. Thanks for expressing what I still struggle to.

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