Coming out of the closet (and a bit of a rant)

When I went to work this week, I didn’t know that I was going to be coming out of the closet. Yup. You heard right. This week, I came out of the closet. The blogging closet, that is.

I discovered that the headteacher at my school saw me in the paper and then I discovered that one of my colleagues has read my blog and then I discovered that other colleagues wanted to read my blog and if it sounds like I am now panicking then maybe I was…

Only joking. But I was outed from the blogging closet this week. It feels a little like a weight lifted from my shoulders. My colleagues are now all super impressed with my writing skills (ha ha!) and have, of course, voted for me in the MADs blog awards. (By the time you read this, voting will be closed so I will save the ‘you can vote for me’ stuff.)

A year ago, I didn’t know what a blog was. Now, I am always thinking, “That’s a great topic for my next post… where’s my camera, I need that picture for my blog.” etc etc. This time next week I will be getting ready for Cybermummy 2011 (Thanks, Kiddy!) and I will be meeting some of the big mummies, listening to some fab speakers and hopefully making some new friends. The blog that began back in October is a completely different blog now.

Which leads me to…

My rant. I’m getting used to this. What’s with PRs that contact you with an exclusive offer because you are such an “influential blogger” and they’re confident that your readers will love to read all about their product… but then you REPLY to their email, tell them that unfortunately, you are at work when you read their email/ they require you to spend all morning doing something for nothing that a journalist would do for something (a fee) and you’re very sorry but you can’t do it but you can possibly suggest another blogger…what is is with these PRs that don’t even bother to reply??!

I have another job. A real job. One that I get paid to do and one that I like doing. That’s why I can’t interview clowns. But at least I replied. At least I let you know.

The emails I now get from PRs is indicative of how my blog has grown and so it seems only right that I should be outed from the blogging closet. It was going to happen sooner or later. I have to add that I love getting emails from PRs, it’s just that if I reply, its nice to get a reply back…

So that’s what happened when I came out of the closet. At work.


7 responses to “Coming out of the closet (and a bit of a rant)

  • TheBoyandMe

    Did you get invited to interview JF? I would have done something extreme for that opportunity, but I was also in work.

    Some PRs irritate me. However one today was so impressed with a sponsored post that she has asked if she can use it to show other bloggers how to write one. I am beyond flattered!

    If I got discovered in school I would die of embarrassment!

  • Him Up North

    Some people at work know about my blog but I’m such a monster to work for and with they don’t mention it 🙂

  • Ithylkalina

    Good for you! How did your parents take it…? 😛 I must admit I am petrified of anyone in my real life social circles reading my blogs, hence I use pseudonyms (I was going to write “aliases” but didn’t know how to spell it right lol). But then again my subject matter is a bit more embarrassing. But when I’m over the hill I think I would like to share this with close friends and family so they know what we went through. It would explain an awful lot! 🙂

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