Mummy Daddy gone…

Does anyone else’s little ones spend all day telling everyone how you leave them? Mine does. Instead of sleeping at nursery, apparently he says “Mummy Daddy gone” repeatedly instead. It made me a little sad when I heard this. It also made me swell with pride- not only can my boy say these things, but also he must think very highly of us to want to say them over and over. Obviously, we are fantastic parents and the source of all fun and amusement at all times.

Imagine my surprise then, to find that tractors and diggers get the same treatment!

Next door is having a lot of work done- they’ve knocked down an apparently dodgy extension and are going to re-build it at some point. There are diggers and allsorts next door and they are a cause of great excitement for my baby. He loves them. The first thing he asks upon waking is “tractor?” His favourite room of the house is now the dining room, where he pulls back the curtain and presses his little nose agains the glass (I must clean that window…), all the while repeating tractor, tractor, tractor…

Outside, he can’t go anywhere without first checking on the progress next door and the men duly wave and rev their engines for him. Upon eventually leaving for wherever we are going I am assaulted with a certain phrase. I think you can guess what it is…

“Tractor gone”

Yep. Daddy and I are on a similar par as a tractor. Not only that, but tractor also gets “Tractor gone, bu-bye tractor”.

Grrr. What’s that lump of machinery got that I haven’t? And while we’re on it, why is my son so obsessed with cars and stuff? We took him to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum at the weekend (don’t laugh) and he was in his element! I was saying this to my friend Minty today and she is in a similar situation with Grace. She loves dolls. Why? Why are our children so obviously girly and boy-y (?!)

Anyway, I digress. My son is in love with this tractor next door. He thinks it’s the bomb. Bless him.  Me, I can’t wait until tractor all gone.



3 responses to “Mummy Daddy gone…

  • Bod for tea

    Urgh! Hope the tractor ‘all gone’ soon for you. Made me smile though in the midst of the hell that is packing up the house, so thanks for that 😀

  • Gemma

    lol!! My little girl goes “my dadda has gone work” to which I reply that I was at work too…. I then get told that nope it’s dadda that works, I’d love to know where she thinks I go… and its nice to know she notices hes gone to work but not me

    I hope the tractor is gone soon 🙂

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